Two days in my life in Agios Nikolaos

Two of the days in my life in Agios Nikolaos:



7:00: Wake up and get ready for school.
8:00: Go to school until 2pm.
2:00: Start to go home and eat lunch.
3:30: Have a Greek lesson until 4:15pm.
4:45: Start to go to athletics until 6pm.
6:30: Have dinner.
8:00: Mum starts to read to us.
8:30: We go to sleep.




7:00: Wake up and get ready for school and soccer.
8:00: Start to go to school till 2pm.
2:00: Finish school and go straight to soccer training.
4:30: Start the fifteen minute walk back home. (4:30 finish at soccer only on Fridays)
4:45: Walk to athletics.
6:00: Finish athletics.
6:30: Watch a movie with take away pizza from Apostoli down the road.
8:30: Mum reads.
9:00: Sleep time.

By Toby