Zoi’s Travels to America with Baba

Zoi’s USA Trip

The plane there

I went on Qantas and Delta Airways to Las Vegas. I had to wake up at 3.30am on Wednesday morning to catch a train to Melbourne aport. I ate lasagne and hash browns for dinner. For breakfast I had pancakes and eggs. ✈️ 


In the Embassy hotel 🇺🇸

Me and baba went to the Embassy suites hotel for Iridology conference. I met the director of the central office (her name is patty) I really liked her and she liked me too. She made me the central office asst and l even had a name tag. 

I helped Patty register people and give their name tag and party bags. I loved talking to people and I wasn’t shy.

I dressed up in a nice dress for the Meet and greet party. There was yummy food.

They have swans in a pond with a bridge.

Patty, baba and I went to a show called Mystere by cirque Du Soleil. My favourite parts were when a couple was on a trapeze together and also there was guy balancing on a another guy’s head doing a hand stand.

In Arizona

After Las Vegas we drove to our friend’s pace in Arizona. On the way it was snowing🌨. We saw the famous street called Route 66 it was snowing there too in a town called Williams. Baba and I had a snow fight and baba got snow down my shirt.

Our friend’s that we visited are called Joani and Ty. My baba met them in Chicago 25 years ago. Now they like Arizona. We watched the Winter Olympics and I got to sit on the comfiest chair. 

The next day we went to Montezuma’s palace. It is a 5 storey building made from 700 years ago by the American Indians.

We went hiking in a place called Sedona. They have many beautiful red rocks.

In San Diego

On our way to San Diego. We stopped at a plaice near Phoenix. Her name was Kirsten and she and baba haven’t seen each other for 25 years.


It was a long car drive it was 6 hours. I did journaling the whole way. 


We went to our cousins – March and Thomas’ Home. And we sat on the couch and watched the Winter Olympics.

In Marriott at the hotel

We are staying at Marriott hotel it is very nice they make our own bed every day and they refolded the towels. They have yummy breakfast – I can have chocolate croissants. 

I was at the Mindvalley Reunion and I learnt that animals should live were you find them.

At the Aquarium

I went to the Aquarius with my cousin and saw Sharks, Fish, Stingray, Jellyfish, Octopus and giant fish.

San Marcos

We visited Ellen and Art’s and I helped her make lemonade and we had a nice dinner – it was so good. I bounced on the trampoline. I drew a drawing because Ellen collects pictures from kids.

On the second last day we met up with Nenita and Leonard from IIPA and we had Mexican lunch and they took me to an awesome ice cream shop – you pick two flavours and some toppings and you mix them all together. It was delicious.

The plane back to home

before we went to the airport we visited Michael Salas clinic and he took photos of my eyes. He said I was special because I have a line in my eye.

We got on the plane at 11:25 pm, for dinner l had pasta and I watched 2 movies before I went to sleep (I don’t like sleeping on the plane). For Breakfast I had hash browns, egg and mushrooms it was yummy. It was exciting to land in Melbourne I couldn’t wait to get home.

The train home

We got on the train at 1:05 pm. I wrote my blog and  finished it. It was slow because of the train tracks and signals it took 4 hours to get home. I can’t wait to get home. Love you all. 🚊 


I love travelling with baba and I love how he takes me to different places. I got to see snow it is completely different to the weather here. I got to see sharks and we don’t have them were we live. He is the best baba ever.👩🏽👴🌎🇦🇺

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