Arriving in the Wonderful land of Oz

Written in the early morning of Nov 1st, 2014…….


Here we are on VA8 from Los Angeles to Brisbane, minutes away from landing and the digital devices screen hasn’t been turned off yet. So here I am, listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. Golly the USA seems so far away and so it should be cause we’ve been flying for 14 hours across this massive body of water called the Pacific Ocean. A good amount of time to watch three movies, sleep and contemplate about the last 20 months that in some way we’re so amazingly crisp that the memories won’t ever lose their clarity, yet in others it just seems so surreal. This random family, from a random place in North East Victoria, travelling to many places for the first time and meeting these random people, some that touched their hearts and they’ll never see again, others that touched their hearts and will be lifelong friends. Either way it was a heartfelt experience that seems so surreal at this exact moment that we are about to land in Brisbane. Maybe some of these highlight pictures will prove to me that it happened after all. Quite incredible.


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