Our last few days in The Canyon, San Diego and LA

imageIn LA we stayed with a girl called Lima. She was a Couchsurfing host and it was so fun staying with her. When we were there we had toasted bagels and fruit salad with rockmelon which is my favourite fruit – it was delicious.
imageI enjoyed seeing all the stars on Hollywood Boulevard – it was fun looking at all the names. When we got to the big Chinese theatre we found the hand prints of a young girl called Shirley Temple who was very young at the time – I think younger than ten. We went to a hill close to the Hollywood sign and we could see it close up.

imageIn San Diego we stayed with our cousins Tom and March and their parents are Andy and Jen – it was fun playing with them and we played all sorts of games.
By Kiki


imageAt the Grand Canyon – it’s like a big humongous gorge and we went walking down – it was hot and difficult to walk back up but I could do it without having to be carried.



imageMarch and Tom we’re really great cause they were fun to play with and very kind. We played on their scooter and LEGO and we even went to the beach.



imageIt was my mummy’s birthday and I made her a Choc ripple birthday cake with my Gigga Jenny.
We went to an awesome park with roundabouts and swings, slides and other cool stuff. There was even water fountains and we got really wet, but it was warm.

Our friend Lima in LA had a cat who was fun.

I really liked travelling with my Gigga Jenny – she’s awesome.
By Zoi

image image imageThe Grand Canyon had some very red dirt – my shoes were really red and dirty. It was so deep that at some points I couldn’t see the bottom. We walked down into the Grand canyon for about an hour and it was meant to take us two hours to get back up but that was just estimated for older people – it took Yasi and me about 45 mins to get back up cause we were steaming up and were the first ones back. We camped in the Grand Canyon campsite just off the canyon and we had lunch after our long walk. For dinner we cooked two minute noodles while we watched the sunset at the other end of the canyon called ‘Desert view’.


A few days later I met some of my second cousins for the first time. They are March and Tom children of Andy and Jen. Andy is my mum’s first cousin. I really liked San Diego . It was a nice quiet city with lots to do like going to the beach or going to pools and good parks. I enjoyed playing with my cousins – it was nice seeing their different personalities and I hope to see them again soon in Australia. I loved the food that they cooked. On our first night it was pasta bake which was delicious. Another night Andy made asparagus soup which I hadn’t had before but it was yummy.

My favourite meal was the last one – it was home made french fries with chicken snitzel. When it was being cooked I was actually with my mum trying to make a deal to sell our car. We did end up selling it the next day which was awesome. When we got back I had the dinner that was cooked and the others were actually out trying to get ice-creams and they brought me back a giant cookie sandwich which was totally epic. Fifteen minutes later we had mummy’s birthday cake which is also my favourite cake of all time and that is Choc ripple cake.

imageWe stayed with a wonderful coushsurfing person called Lima in LA. She had a small house but it was just perfect for us. There was enough space in her spare room and it was really easy to be there.


imageWhen I had the time I was mainly focused on finishing the seventh book of Harry Potter. I started a month ago and have read all seven books. Lima has two jobs – one is kind of helping teachers in the education department and the other job is acting in commercials. She said that almost everyone in LA is trying to get into acting. Lima also used to stay in Greece so she knew some Greek words. It was fun to try to talk to her in Greek.
When I fished my book I was edging to tell everyone what happened but mum and baba forbid me to tell them cause it would spoil it for the others. I finished it while we were watching the sunset then it took over an hour to get to the airport in the peak hour traffic even though it was meant to be 17 minutes. We got on our plane and I can’t tell you how excited we all were to be retuning home to Australia.

imageBy Toby

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