Amish country, pretzels, chocolate and lovely Joani & Ty…….

imageWe have just met some awesome people name Ty and Joani. Ty and Joani live in Pennsylvania and are Bob’s (Ron’s) cousins from Chicago. My baba met them for the first time in 1993.


imageOn Friday, Ty and Joani took us out of lunch and the food was very yummy. It was foods from other countries like India and South Africa. Ty and Joani took us to Hershey’s. If you don’t already know it is a Chocolate factory and we went on are train that showed us were they make the chocolate. It was awesome and at the end of the train ride we brought some of the chocolate and Joani gave us some money to spend at the gift shop. I brought a bracelet – it was very pretty. Ty and Joani were so very very very nice.
Then they took us to a hotel to get an ice cream because it was a very hot day.
Then it was time to go back to Stephanie’s house in Delaware. We have been staying at her house for a while. It has been very nice at Stephanie’s home and she is so very nice.
By Yasmina

The first time we met Joani and Ty we went to an American diner for breakfast and we had eggs, bacon, sausages and home fries which is like a hash brown or a potato pancake – and there was even pancakes. I loved the breakfast – I made a sandwich because there was also some toast. I liked speaking with them cause it was just fun.

imageAfter breakfast we went to an Amish village. They don’t believe in electricity and they travel in horse carts and their stove is a box made of something that won’t burn and they put wood inside – that’s how they cook. They even hand wash.

imageThey do all their farming by hand ploughs and also use horses. We saw a few famers ploughing. It was such a really really fun day.


imageWe went to the oldest pretzel factory in America and also the first hard pretzel factory in the world. We learnt how to make pretzels and even learnt how to shape them. Pretzels were treats for the children when they had learnt their prayers in the olden days. The kids crossed their arms when praying and that’s why the pretzel is shaped that way. The soft pretzels that they had were delicious. The man who first made hard pretzels accidentally left them in the oven overnight and he tasted them. He thought they were very good and told his boss but he wouldn’t listen so after 10 yrs of working for him he opened his own pretzel factory and he lived upstairs with his wife and their 14 children who all helped making pretzels. The pretzel ovens were shaped like pizza ovens.

imageAfter that Joani was so nice to want to buy us all a present and I bought a little note book and a key ring making kit. They are so sweet and we said that they are like our American grandparents from Pennsylvania. I really want them to visit us in Australia.
By Kiki

imageJoani and Ty are some amazing people who took us to a Restraunt run by a person who employed refugees. There was a lot of foods from India and Africa and it was great. I liked the Iraqi lemonade but it was a bit strong. After the Restraunt they took us to the Hershey’s chocolate factory. imageThere Joani and Ty bought us some chocolates and a souvenir – my souvenirs was Hershey’s and Reese’s soccer ball. After that we went to a hotel run by Hershey’s and it had some amazing ice cream – it was just so good.

imageThey were very kind people and it’s more than likely they will visit us in Australia. I’d like to take them to Somers to meet my grandma and pa and play on the beach. A few days before we went to a diner with them.
By Toby

imageWe saw Joani and Ty (Joani is Bob’s cousin from Chicago) two times while we were staying with Steph. We went out one day and saw Joani and Ty and Joani let us choose something to buy for us – it was so kind. She even let us have an ice cream at the Hershey hotel.

imageThe hotel was so big. We didn’t stay in the hotel just visited it. We had a tour of the chocolate factory and then we could buy some chocolate up to $3. Us girls shared our money. Joani and Ty are going to come and visit us in Australia and might have a picnic with them in front of our house.
By Zoi

imageJoani and Ty gave us money to buy something at the chocolate store and I got a Hershey’s Lego car. and she brought us to this cafe and got us the most delicious ice-cream ever.
By Emilio

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