Yasi’s fun time in Chicago

We had two weeks in Chicago. One of my favourite places in Chicago was going on Kirk’s boat – that was really fun and Kirk goes so fast on his boat. Kirk is my baba’s friend and he has a really nice boat and it’s big. We went on his boat twice. Tina is Kirk’s girl friend and Wyatt is Tina’s son
Tina and Wyatt were very nice also. Wyatt was around Emlilo and Zoi age – he came with Tina on the boat with us. When we

were at the dock the second time I made a hut with sticks leaves and some flowers, I though that it was very nice. At the dock I got to do lots of paddle boarding and kayaking.

I also liked going to Devon place in Chicago. He’s another friend of my baba’s and his wife’s name is Yvonne. Their kids’ names are Cormac, Aiefe, Ciren and Nimph. They live in a very big house with a pool at the back and really nice gardens – we had fun.
We stayed the night in the guest house. In the morning we went for a swim, played a game where we see who can jump the highest over some one and we also played Limbo. I played all these games with Aiefe.
Aiefe, Ciren and Nimph come with us to the beach where there was an ‘Air and Water Show’ – we went to the dock where Kirk leaves his boat. Kirk took us all for a ride. Devon and Yvonne come with us on the boat but they didn’t come with us to the beach.


Kathleen even visited us at the dock. It was like a party. This was our second time going on the boat. We loved it.
By Yasi

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