What a great city! – Kansas City

imageWe couldn’t possibly be so close to wonderful Erin Roscetti and not embrace the opportunity to catch up with her Wonderful family. The USA is such a big massive place and the distances are pretty huge – we were in St. Louis and Kansas City is a 4 hour straight drive but it was brilliantimage. As soon as we drove out from St Louis the road and scenery really opened up and you felt like it was the real Wild West. Every few hundred metres was a billboard – it really kept us amused. So much variety – everything from Jim Beam whiskey, to the closest Adult superstore, to anti abortion, to anti evolution, the closest all you can eat Chinese buffet, western boots etc. It was very interesting.
Anyway – Kansas City really surprised me – it is in my top 5 (or6) of US cities (after NYC, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans and San Francisco). It’s sister city is Seville in Spain so it had quite a Spanish architectural feel, almost as many fountains as Rome, a beautiful river and an amazing museum that is totally free. Oh and parking is all free as well – you’ve got to love that!


In our younger days!

In our younger days!

Anyway – Erin and I’ve been close friends since the early days of Uni and have caught up in three different continents. She lived in Italy for ages which is where she met her cool husband Kaveh. It was such a treat to hang out with her eating great food, drinking Italian wine and reminiscing with old photos (though I wish some of the old stories didn’t come out in front of the kids – now they think I was really naughty!).
The kids were well amused and looked after by Zoe and her friend Lanie – they have been so inspired by gymnastics ever since…….and I bet the dogs needed a huge rest the day after we left……..
By Baba MiliKing

imageKansas city was a nice place. We stayed with baba’s friends Erin and Kaveh and their daughter Zoe. Zoe is a gymnast and showed us some very very cool tricks. She won first place in a lot of stuff. Zoe’s friend Lanie came over and they both took us out for a snow come. I had blueberry and Raspberry which was delcious. We took the dogs with us – They are Izzy and Kernel Longbody. I walked Izzy the most cause the boys were hogging Kernel. We also went to a park with Zoe and the dogs – but we were kicked out by a summer camp who had to use the park. We went to another park.
The next morning we went to the plaza and I had tacos for lunch – I love them they were delicious. By Kikibelle

imageIzzy the dog was so cute and she was pullish when we had the leashes on and walked them. She could do tricks and Zoe also knows how to do lots of cool tricks. She’s very flexible and can do cart wheels with no hands and other awesome tricks. Kernel Longbody is the other dog had lots of tricks too. I loved to give them treats. I loved staying with them cause they were so nice and friendly and let us lead the dogs and I loved them sleeping at he same house cause they have dogs. I guess that’s it. Love from Zoi

imageZoe is a amazing gymnast. She makes me want to know how to do gymnastics but at the same time I’m kind of aware you need to start gymnastics sometimes at a young age if you what to be state champion like her – I don’t want to be state champion I just want to do gymnastics for fun. Erin was so nice and cooked really amazing pasta because she’s lived in Italy for a long time. She also made some yummy fruit salad with fancy ice cream. Lanie is Zoe’s friend who was over for a sleep over. They both admired and were inspired. by our accents which we think are plain and we think their accents are so interesting. They thought our accents are very cute. Sometimes we had to repeat ourselves cause we speak too fast and couldn’t understand us. By Tobes

imageI’ve been practising heaps more gymnastics since meeting Zoe in Kansas City. I’m getting better at floor routines. It’s fun meeting all of baba’s friends from university times.
By Yasi

Moochie in KC

Moochie in KC

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