Storytelling, Agates and arriving in Chicago

imageWe arrived in Chicago at 2am (by greyhound bus from Toronto) and it was so nice of Vicky and Ron to come and meet us at the Greyhound station even though it was about 2 hours late. Vicky and Ron are Kirk’s parents. Baba met Kirk at a university called ‘University of Illinois’ when he was an exchange student in 1990. Ron and Vicky are very friendly and nice. Ron is a bit of jokester. He said that he couldn’t possibly remember all our names so he made up names for us. Yasi is Agnes, I’m Isaac, Kalika is Matilda, Zoi is Chip and Emilio is Vicky branch. He’s a funny person.

imageVicky is a loving and caring person. I would say she’s very good at caring for kids because she is good with us. She takes out lots of her rocks and shows them to us. She is just one of those people who’s good at talking about lots of different things. She knows so much history. She taught me a little bit about Native American Indians that still live in the desert. The stuff I learnt was how they owned a lot of America and then when white people took over there was a lot of stealing of land and other things from the native Americans – especially if they found gold in their land. They also get given some money each month now to help them. Indians often collect feathers from eagles but no one else in America can collect eagle feathers because they are protected. Also no one can shoot any birds out of season otherwise they can get a fine.

imageShe taught me a lot about agates – where to find them, where the cracks are and how the minerals and other things get into them. I did a presentation to my school in Australia about them on Skype.
Kirk is an amazingly kind friend and he cares so much for others. He has taken us out to do lots of things around Chicago and has seen us almost every single day that he’s been around Chicago and when he isn’t flying. He’s a pilot on big planes. He introduced us for the first time to the amazing Chicago style stuffed pizza. It’s like two or three pizzas on top of each other and you get full on just one piece.

Here is my presentation about Agates:

We’re in Chicago with some friends Ron and Vicky. Vicky is into rocks. Someone like that is called a lapidarist. She has shown and given us some of her rocks. Some of the rocks she gave me are Agates and Obsidian.

Agates are usually formed by gas or magma that is trapped in a hole underground. These following things is how an agate is formed:

1. Holes are filled with gas or magma.
2. The gas or magma escapes through cracks leading to the earths surface.
3. Rain water goes down the cracks, as the water goes down it collects minerals from the soil. So the water goes down with the minerals dissolved in it. When it reaches the hole it settles.
4. The moisture evaporates leaving the minerals to crystallize by themselves, the process is continued until the hole is filled or not filled.
5. People then find the rocks somehow and uncover the surrounding rocks.
6. The agate can now be polished and sliced.

imageObsidian is made from magma which is hot lava from volcanoes. It is formed when the magma cools rapidly like when water and magma meet.
imageIt is usually formed in a shell shape.
Obsidian is an Igneous rock.










Today Vicky told stories about a women called Mavis. She said the story in a funny accent. Mavis isn’t alive any more.
Mavis liked to do everything by herself. One day she made a beautiful brick wall that she was proud of. She had also brought a barbecue that she was also proud of. One night a car came by and drove through her fence, turned around and went back into her yard and drove into her beautiful brick wall. I think the car knocked down the brick wall away back to the after the car broke the wall it drove into the barbecue and then drove off. The people in the house had not been sitting in bed, not the went down to see after the car and they saw the damage and called the police. They came and looked around a bit. 10 minutes later the car drove past with the broken barbecue and bits of fence. There goes the woman running after the car saying ‘Stop – there’s my barbecue you’ve got there’.
The police stopped the car and arrested the people and then drove off. All this happened at 2.30am. The people that drove the car and got arrested were a drunken teenager and his friend.

Vicky is an amazing storyteller.


by Tobes

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