Our school year in Crete

Our School year in Greece

imageI was very proud of myself for finishing school in Greece because going to school was very hard. Greek is one of the hardest languages in the world. At the beginning it was weird not knowing what to do and I was so shy at the beginning.
The good part of it is that I learnt lots of Greek and when I finished school last week I felt like I learnt a lot but not sure how much. Today when I was getting the bus tickets the man asked something and mum didn’t really understand what he was saying cause he was talking so fast and I answered him easily. It felt pretty good. I enjoyed my Greek lessons – the ones that were my favourites were the ones that we played games but also learnt. I also liked when we had to bring in photos to talk about them. Kristalenia was our private Greek teacher 3 times per week for about 1.5hours until we decided to do more separate classes so Yasi had 45 mins and Kalika and I had 45 mins. We learnt heaps with Kristalenia – she was very patient and made learning finally nd gave us a good amount of homework. She also became our good friend and we met up with her lots. Her children, Gianni and Dimitri were also very nice.

By Toby

imageI told my teacher I wanted to stay in Greece because the school new a tiny bit of English and I now know some Greek and they ask me questions that I know. Also I have my friends Georgi and Engli and Dimitri and I used to have a friend called Manosari but now he wants to play superheroes but I didn’t want to play superheroes anymore. I liked school so I told them I wanted to live in Greece –

On the last day of school we did a concert – we had to dress up in Greek colours – blue and white. I also was in a group where we had to wear blue scarves – Zoi was in the yellow scarf group. I sang four songs with my group and said a poem which is lots of Greek words on my own – my teacher helped me a tiny bit with the words. I loved it because all my friends were there and my baba and mama and brother and sisters came and even our friend Manoli came.

By Moochie

imageI really liked the concert cause we had to dress up in blue and white and my scarf was yellow – that is kitrino in Greek. I really liked singing with the other kids. I liked seeing baba and mama clapping in the audience. My teacher was Kiria Leftheria and she was really nice to me cause I do my work very neat and sometimes I get it wrong but lots of times I get it right. She gave me a pretty box to take home with all the pictures and work I have done all year.

By Zoi

imageI am very happy with myself for what I’ve achieved at school in Crete with one of the hardest languages in the world. School was really hard but I did it and time flew like a butterfly. What I found difficult was understanding all the maths they did in year 4 was work they do in high school in Australia. The instructions in Greek were hard to understand and the teacher would often go off her head at some of the kids when they were playing up. She only gave them one chance and then they had to go to the office. She was nice to Toby and me but I was still really scared of her.
At the breaks I loved playing with one of my best friends called Isabella. She’s half English and lives in Crete forever. Every day I picked up words from school and then I would ask people what they meant and that really helped my Greek. I learnt lots of the history of Greece in school – it was one of the subjects I liked and understood. I will try to keep going with my Greek and try my hardest. When we start home schooling again in a few weeks one of the subjects we have to do for an hour every morning is Greek. The other subject is maths and also reading and writing in English.

By Yasi

imageSchool was very hard in Greece because at the beginning we hardly knew any Greek and almost everything they said I couldn’t understand. Now it’s much better and I understand lots and I am Miss corrector beacuse I even correct my grandma who is from Greece and my baba who was born in Greece. I had a teacher that was nice and I had lots of homework most days and sometimes I couldn’t get it all done. But it made my Greek very good now. I understand most things in Greek. Kiria Soula was good because she actually told me what I had to do when I didn’t understand and she made sure I understood everything. Before Christmas she sent me to do language with the grade ones but then I had caught up to my class in grade 2 so I came back for all classes with Kiria Soula in 2B. I was proud of myself for finishing and time really flew like a bird in the sky. It was a pretty good year for me.

By Kikibelle

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