Toby’s Day at Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2/7/2014

imageI’m really excited cause right now I’m in a queue waiting for tickets to get into Wimbledon. We are number 2686 & 2687 (I’m waiting with my baba) in the queue so we’ll definitely get in.
imageWe woke up at 5:30am to get three buses to get to Wimbledon from Clapham. We got to Wimbledon queue about 7am. We bought a picnic blanket, a newspaper and a bar of chocolate just for 5 pounds! Now we’ve been waiting for over an hour and our queue has moved a bit. The ticket offices open after 9am. imageWe are in a massive field (I think it’s part of a golf club when Wimbledon isn’t on) there are massive lines of people who are mostly sitting on picnic blankets and waiting. Some people even sleep overnight to get to the line early. We just want to get day passes so we didn’t want to sleep overnight. There are places to eat where baba bought me a bacon roll and a hot chocolate. People are all fairly polite.
I’m looking forward to watching a new Australian champion called Nick Kyrgios. We won’t be able to get into court number one (that would’ve cost £85 and we would’ve had to sleep over to get the few tickets left) but we can watch him on the big screen. On the outside courts we will hopefully watch Sam Stosur in the doubles on the outside courts. Casey Dallaqua is also plying in doubles today but not till tonight.
Yesterday’s match between Nadal and Kyrgios was amazing. Kyrgios just played so well and it was fascinating watching the world number 1 being beaten by someone who is ranked 144. I’ll write more later to tell you about my day………

I’ve never really thought that I could get to Wimbledon until it was my birthday and I GIT a voucher from mummy and baba where we were given experiences like coming to Wimbledon, because we couldn’t carry extra presents. I also got to go scuba diving and to a water park with my friends. It’s kind of better to have fun experiences rather than presents. Experiences can be life long memories but presents can break down and don’t always last long.

When we got into Wimbledon it was 11:00am, which meant that we had waited in line for four hours, but we finally got in. When we got in Baba got me an enormous triple chocolate cookie. The games didn’t start until 12, so we decided to look at what games were going to be best. After that we felt hungry so I got a meat pie and baba got a veggie pie. image imageFor the first game we watched a women’s doubles match – (I found double matches were much more fun to watch than singles, except for singles with big names). The doubles match was the best women’s doubles match I’ve ever seen. It was Su-Wei Hsieh & Shuai Peng vs Timea Babos & Kristina Mladenovic on court 3. Babos & Mladenovic won 2 sets to 1 but it was such a close games with lots of deuces.

Next we tired to watch Murray vs Dimitrov, but it was too crowed on the hill – we couldn’t sit anywhere and we couldn’t sit on the stairs because the police kept the people on the stairs moving! So we went back to watch some men’s doubles and kept an eye on the scores for other matches, guess what Dimitrov won straight sets against Murray. imageNot many people were happy with Murray’s loss, Will and Kate were certainly not happy with Murray’s loss, though I think Dimitrov’s girlfriend Maria Sharapova was happy. We didn’t forget to go to the shop. I got a soft ball and baba got some chocolate.

P.S 5/7/2014
The sad thing was that Dimitrov lost against Djokovic in the semi’s last night (baba and my uncle Geogie calls him ‘our Bulgarian cousin’ because he’s from Bulgaria and so are we – or we have Bulgarian family anyway – but his NOT our cousin. Dimitrov and Sharapova come to Chich’s cafe in Wimbledon everyday.
See ya later guys

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