Samaria Gorge and Water Park Adventure

Water park

imageWe went to a Water park called Aqua Plus. Before it I had to go to the bus station to give my soccer coach a card and a present. imageI wanted to thank him for the year of soccer that I had training three times a week and playing a match on some weekends. My favourite thing about soccer was the last game I played against Neapoli because I played well and got a goal that I thought was the best one for me for the whole year.

imageAqua plus is a water park which is known to be the best in Greece. We went with some friends – Manolis, Alex, Isabelle and Nicki. The whole day was a birthday party for Yasi and Kiki and me but we went later than our actual birthdays cause it wasn’t hot enough for it to open early in May.
It was amazing – one of the most coolest rides is called ‘Tsunami’.

You have to climb up high on a water slide that has two sides and you go down on a blow up tube as if you’re riding a big massive wave. Another ride is called ‘The Dish’ I think – you go down a water slide and you end up in a dish like a bowl and you go round and round until you come out of a hole in the bottom and the water is 1,75m deep.

It was so fun to share the rides with friends – I liked going on the ‘Crazy river’ with Alex and Manoli most. On the crazy river you start going down a water slide in a blown up tube and you can hold tubes together which I did with Alex – so much fun.


imageAfter the water park we drove to Chania to get ready for Samaria gorge. Samaria was very hard – a long walk and complicated – it was much different to any other walk I had done – it was very long and quite steep going down. imageIt felt really good once I had done it – it was just really fun because it had lots of rocks to climb on and I love rocks cause they are so fun to go up onto. My muscles were very very sore at the end and the soreness lasted for about 2-3 days. Even though I wanted a Bowen my dad was busy and only had time for a few short moves on my knees – so I ran it out at soccer training and swam it out. They feel much better now.

We’re on a plane now and left Greece which is sad but I love planes and now getting excited about Paris but that is another story and not for me to tell. Bye for know.

By Tobes

imageSamarai gorge is the biggest and longest Gorge in Europe and it’s been a National Park since 1962. It really is such a delight to walk along despite the physical challenges. There are so many natural changes in the landscape along its 18km from the start of the walk at Omalos to where the gorge meets the Libyan sea at Agia Roumeli. The area is remote that there are no roads to Agia Roumeli so when you finish the walk you can only exit by ferry unless you plan to walk the 18kms back uphill. I did this walk by myself in September last year when we first arrived in Crete and couldn’t really envisage the kids doing it. However 10 months is a long time in kid language and they had fallen in love with a few other gorges in Crete so we thought – ‘hey let’s give it a go’! I was so proud with how the kids went and how much they actually enjoyed it. Such a beautiful family day together and a great way for us to say goodbye to this beautiful island of Crete in our last week of living here. So glad we did it.
Baba MiliKing

imageSamaria was the longest walk I’ve ever done – I was running ahead some of the time. It was just fun.

imageMy legs weren’t sore at all – even though it was the longest walk I’ve ever done. When we got out of the park baba & mama let me have an ice cream because they were so happy that I could do it.
By Moochie

imageIt was nice putting the water in my hat cause it cooled me down. It was such a difficult walk for my legs but I did it and I was pleased when I had a drink of water at the end and some chips.


By Zoi





Samaria Gorge was a very long about 18kms from the mountains to the Libyan Sea. What I think was that if I’m on a short walk I often get more tired but if it’s a long walk I don’t really feel I’m tired.

imageThe walk was very rocky and the first part of it was very steep. There were lots of overhangs and the most beautiful river over ever seen in Greece. The best part of the walk was the beginning when it was a little bit fresh and we were just climbing down the mountain with the sun rising – we started very early. The ice cream at the end was humongous and delicious.


imageThen we had a swim in the iciest cold water – it was refreshing. imageimageWe caught a ferry to a little town called Hora Sfakion and stayed in a small hotel. In the morning we drove to a place called Spilli (we all thought we could spill our drinks here) to meet Antonis – one of dad’s best friends from Bowen. It was fun to see him again and we will see him in Australia in January. He’s very funny and laughs very loud.
By Yasi






imageSamaria was awesome but it was a very long walk with packs on our back. When we got to the sea it was refreshing to get into the cold water. I liked the walk – I liked everything but getting to the end was the best part. My legs were so sore the next day but now they are fine – mum’s still hurt.

By Kikibelle


imageMy legs were sore for two weeks. So proud of the kids. The hordes of people couldn’t take away from the beauty of the place.

By Mama Miliking

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