Our new plans – by Tobes

imageI was the first one to write a blog about all of our plans before we left on this trip. However the plans have changed. Our original plan was to go back to Australia via South America and stay there for a year or so. Now the plans have changed and I reckon it’s a really really good new plan. Travel plans always change – sometimes they can be bad changes and sometimes good changes but this is one of the really good ones.

Here it is:

From the 11th of June we have only got 9 more days left in our home in Crete – Agios Nikolaos – on Friday the 20th of June we will fly from Heraklion to Paris. We spend three days in Paris with baba’s pen friend from when he was a kid. In Paris I’m looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower and some of the city though I haven’t really heard much apart from the Eiffel Tower. I’m looking forward to having French fries, French fries, croissants and chocolate croissants and soft white cheese, and then more soft white cheese – which I really love. Then we will catch a train direct from Paris to London which goes through a tunnel under the sea.
In London we will see our uncle Chich George and Vuina Sally. In London I want to see the Queen’s palace and my aunty said she might take me to Wimbledon. I also want to see Big Ben and the London eye but we probably won’t go on it because it’s so expensive and there’s lots of other free things to do. I wonder if we’ll get to have a meal with the Queen or play with Prince George – he he he!
We also plan to go to Legoland with our friends and their mum Penny who my dad went to uni with. We are also going to see my mum’s friends that she met in India and their oldest daughter Kiran is my mum’s god-daughter.
After we spend another day saying goodbye to Chich and Sally in London, we are taking a train to Belgium and then going to camp with our cool friends from home in the King valley. They are from Holland and we have known them for about 4 years. Their names are Werner, Corina, and the kids are Finn and Luna. We met them at Dook’s annual paddock party when we were all wishing we had brought a ball and their boy Finn came over with a ball and we started playing and made friends instantly and we’ve been friends ever since. Werner was even Kalika and Emilio’s soccer coach once.

This is a map we made baba for Fathers' Day and has been on our wall - the red lines are land travel and the blue lines are air travel

This is a map we made baba for Fathers’ Day and has been on our wall – the red lines are land travel and the blue lines are air travel

They will be going home to Holland in early July so we are going to spend 5 days or so camping with them somewhere in Holland.
Our next destination is Toronto but we are flying out of Brussels on a brand new airline that we haven’t been on called Iceland Air. In Toronto mummy is going to do a course. It’s a course about how to deal with children and help their souls grow in a healthy way. She’ll probably use it with us I think but also with her community work.
The course is about a week first up and baba and us kids will probably go camping in Canada somewhere and also start homeschooling. From the time we leave Crete we are only getting 3 weeks summer holidays from doing work when all our friends here in Greece get 3 months – but we have to keep up and be ready for school in Australia.
When we meet up in a weeks time with mummy we will go to the magical land of America and hopefully drive from Niagara falls to Chicago via the very famous city of New York. I’ve always wanted to see New York because of all the monuments and my baba has been there a few times and he comes home with the most amazing stories. It’s his favourite place in the world.
My dad did one year of his university years overseas in Chicago so he’s got lots of good friends there – especially a guy called Kirk who we met in Australia. I think we are going to stay with him. After about a month mummy is going to go back for another nine days of the course in Toronto which I mentioned before. I think we will stay in America with baba (because it costs a lot to move 5 kids across borders) and possibly do a road trip to see some friends in other states. We also might visit some famous national parks in the heat.
There’s a possibility of going to Peru to see some friends there and help build some houses for poorer people. We might also visit our sponsor child in Bolivia – her name is Luz.

I have been to 27 countries in my life up till now

I have been to 27 countries in my life up till now

We’ve just found out some of the most exciting news on this trip so far – that our aunty Jenny Gigga is going to come to America for our last month in October and have a little road trip with us from our friends’ house in Houston to Los Angeles and then we get to fly home together on the same plane – I don’t know who is going to be luckiest enough to sit next to her. I hope it is me but sometimes because we’re oldest we need to sit by ourselves on another row. So that’s the plan of the end of out trip overseas – looking forward to getting back to see my friends and cousins and play pool & table tennis at my grandparents house in Somers.

By Tobes


4 thoughts on “Our new plans – by Tobes

  1. Wow you guys, what a fantastic adventure you all are having. It has been great reading about all your trips. Keep safe & keep enjoying your wonderful time. Looking forward to reading more about your wonderful adventures. We will be overseas for 4 weeks, we will be in bruge from the 10-14th of July. Sending lots of hugs nana jo( crazy aunty)

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  2. We cannot wait to see you all in the Netherlands Tobes! We like to be called cool people! We be staying on this farm campsite http://www.dekoehorn.nl/.
    In the Netherlands everything is small but we like to ride our push bikes and have many special bike paths. We also like to eat hot chips with mayonaise or pancakes for tea! I think we will have fun! Corina, Werner, Finn and Luna

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