My birthday in Crete – by Yasi

My birthday

imageMy birthday was the best one in the world so far. This is because my parents got me some tickets to go to the One Direction concert in Paris on the 21 June this year. I really love their music and them. I’ve been wanting to go to a concert ever since I heard about them – which is about a year or two ago. Mad aunty Desley got me a one direction DVD about them and what they do when they are waiting to go on stage and the concerts. Desley was the first one to give me a present in the morning and I just squealed so loudly.

imageI also got some sun glasses, hair ties and a head band which are lovely. My parents didn’t want to buy things that we get to keep because we are going travelling soon and will give most of our clothes and other stuff away.

imageWhen we finished our Greek class that day and picked up Zoi and Emilio (Kalika was still at school) baba and mama took us to Dodoni – our favourite ice cream shop. Zoi and I shared a waffle with chocolate and strawberries and ice cream on top. imageMariana – who is the Dodoni lady brought out ice-cream with candles and wrote happy birthday and our names on it. It was so nice of her.

Mariana has the best ice creams in the world - and she's so friendly

Mariana has the best ice creams in the world – and she’s so friendly





On our birthday we get to choose what we eat – Yiayia made us snitzel and mama & baba made us mashed potato which was very yummy.

imageFor dinner we went out to a Restraunt called Gargadoros which is near our favourite beach. We had calamari, potatoes, pork gyros and lots of salads.








imageNow we are on a bus to go to the Heraklion port to get a ferry to go to Ios – an island off Crete where we met some friends at our Greek class (they are English) and they run a scuba diving school and are going to teach us to scuba dive for our birthday. I’m very excited.

By Yasi

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