The Church of the Holy Sepulchure

Day 2 in Jerusalem

imageToday our friends had to go to school so we went to a holy church called the Church of the Holy Sepulchure. It is in the old part of Jerusalem.




imageThis is where Jesus’ Tomb is – we went up to it and touched the rock and said a little prayer and got some of the energy of the rock.

imageOther people were putting scarves, crosses, hats and other things to get the energy from the rock. There were so many people there.



imageThen we went to a sacred light which has been going on from Jesus’ time. It hasn’t been going on just one candle but the flame from every candle is lit from that one light and so it’s pretty sacred.

imageWe got candles, lit them and said a little prayer then blew them out – then we can give those candles to other people. imageYiayia met a priest and kissed his hand and then he said – ‘gee you have lots of children’ and we didn’t have to wait in line – he just let us in to see the flame.




imageAfterwards we were about to go when baba and Kalika and I wandered to see what else we could see and we found the place exactly that Jesus cross was found 284 yrs after he died. It was found in 317AD. He died when he was 33yrs old.

I got really excited about all the history and the things I learnt in just one day. And that I really said a prayer on Jesus’ tomb.

imageAfterwards we went to another part of the church and waited in a long line that went fast – we lit candles and leant down in a hole to try and touch a rock that Yiayia said would would give us good luck and we lit a candle. This was the exact spot where Jesus was crucified or nailed to the cross.

imageMy Yiayia was so excited that she got to see all this.

We met a man who was the door keeper of the church. The catholic and the Greek church couldn’t decide who would open the door each day and who would keep the key. So they asked a Muslim family who was neutral to open the door everyday and his family has been opening the door everyday for the last 800 years. The exact same family – isn’t that amazing.

By Tobes

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