I can’t believe it snowed for Easter!

imageWe’re are at our village now and on Wednesday it snowed. It was my favourite day in the village ever. I didn’t believe that it would snow because it was Spring and it didn’t even snow here when we came in the winter.




imageWe made snow balls and threw them at each other. We collected snow in plastic bags to show Toby. That’s because Toby was at a place called Patras on excursion with his soccer team and hadn’t arrived yet.

image Zoi and I started to make a snowman. We made the first ball but when we had finished the first ball we made a pot full of dirt and put a stick with flowers in it. Emilio threw the dirt on the snowman. It was annoying. We wore plastic bags on our feet and hands cause we didn’t have thick socks or gloves.
By Kikibelle

imageIt was exciting in the morning when we woke up and it was snowing. We were sliding on the road cause there was too much snow and was slippery so we were kind of skiing – lucky we did have gum boots to wear that aunty Seve gave us.

imageWhen we were in the boots all of our feet were getting cold. Then we put more socks on and it was still cold. Then we put plastic bags on our feet. When Yasi was playing in the snow she fell over.
By Zoi





imageThe kids would go out for 10 minutes and get cold and wet then come back in to take off socks and dry everything then they would go out again and this cycle happened again and again.


imageWe were slightly underprepared for snow! It was beautiful to see the muddy chook pen and entrance to the house enveloped in fresh snow. Makes everything look clean and fresh.
Yiayia was like a little kid – she was so excited by the snow.

By Sandy

imageI made tiny sleigh models in the snow and was outside for a play for ages. Then I got back in and got into warm stuff then I went out again. Kalika and Zoi did the same and followed me. Then we went down to Uncle Mihali’s and had a play there to see how much snow they had in their yard.



imageWe played throwing snow balls and playing chasey and lots of fun stuff as well. I was warm at night time because a tiny bit of snow melted and I was wearing my Spider-man onesie which is really warm. I wasn’t cold. All I heard was the rooster in the morning probably cause he didn’t like the snow. And there were lost of dog noises. They are loud and woof a lot.
By Moochie

imageThe snow was so cold and not that thick but it was still fun. We hadn’t seen snow for ages and it was the first time in the village that we saw snow. I dressed the tree in the snow – I covered the tree in ice and then put some clothes on it made from the icecause I thought it may feel a bit cold and naked. We had lots of snow fights and got very wet and cold. Every twenty minutes we had to go inside and get changed and be dry again. Everything around, including the mountains were covered in snow. That day we were going to go over the hills on a picnic adventure to see some countryside but couldn’t because there was snow everywhere.
By Yasi


imageAfter my Patra soccer trip, baba picked me up and we caught a train back to Florina. When we were getting close it was dark and I thought I saw lots of sand on the side of the tracks – it looked really weird but then we realised it was snow. It was pretty exciting. The next day when we woke up there was still lots of snow around but not as much as the day before. I was a bit sorry I missed it – especially all the snow covering the road.

By Tobes


image imageThis year was very strange for our village as it only snowed about 3 times and didn’t stick around for very long. When I was growing up and indeed the few times I visited in the winter there was lots and lots of snow – I remember having to shovel a small path to get to church on Christmas Day back in 1986. Anyway, Sandy and the kids were pretty keen to see the village in snow ought sadly on our post New Year visit this year there wasn’t any snow at all. Careful what you wish for – we got snow at Easter. Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter.





One thought on “I can’t believe it snowed for Easter!

  1. Sensational Snow Fun! Great to hear all your stories; from the various perspectives of all 7 Milikings! We head up into our Mountains for a hike tomorow – fingers crossed no snow on the Crosscut! Kate et al

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