Agiofarango Gorge – finally back on the rocks – where I belong!

We went to a gorge with my family but my dad didn’t come cause he was in London seeing our Uncle George.


My dad & mum’s friends from Scotland came with us to the gorge. They were Rebecca and Andy and their boys Jonathon and Sam.











image image

My Greek teacher Krystalenia and her boy Iannis, also came with us. The gorge was a long way.











imageWe dropped off Yiayia at a friend’s house – Antoni’s parents – Luisa and Stelio – so she could meet them.





From our home it took 3 hours. When we got there we put our bags on and started the walk. It was lots of rock scrambling and jumping over rivers and logs. Like all the gorges in Greece, it had a church. The older people, I mean the parents, were behind us kids so we waited for them at the church. I was in front of everyone cause I had been there before.










We did some rock climbing, when the adults got out some lunch, on a cool mountain of rocks. We almost got to the top but we had to come down for lunch.






image image image

So we had lunch or sandwiches and then we climbed over two or three mountains of rocks to where the sea is and we were climbing down a cliff – it was so cool. Everyone went swimming but I didn’t cause I forgot my togs.


image imageIannis was a very good rock climber – he’s just a month or two younger than me. It was really cool how he just helped by taking some of our bags and ran down the cliff – he was very good.










imageJonathan and Sam were very helpful with helping me get the little kids down the cliff – I was holding the little kids’ hands and they were telling me which rocks they should put their feet and hands on.






image image

Lots of the adults were sitting in the sun on the sand near the sea – I was climbing up a cliff to a cave. It was very dark and there were lots of goat droppings everywhere. I was very amazed how the goats climbed up the mountains.














imageAt 5pm we all started going back to the cars. When we got back to the cars we decided to go to the village for an ice-cream. The ice-creams were humungous and delicious.


imageThen our Scottish friends had to drive back to their hotel to pack cause they were going to go back to Scotland in the morning. Iannis and Krystalenia came back with us to Agios Nikolaos and we had such a good sleep cause we were tired. It was a very good (and hot) day.

By Yas

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