My Venetian time

imageWe went to Venice on our Christmas holidays. I really wanted to go to Venice because I have researched it lots at school in Australia and I wanted to see the canals. The pasta was really tasty, especially the pesto pasta, I had it about 4 times.



We went to a show in English about Venice, it was all about the history, the fighting, the clothes making and the masks. It was a little bit scary, even someone’s head (the drodges’) was chopped off because people didn’t like him and wanted a new leader.



image image
We often had pizza at lunchtime and gosh, they were giant- as big as an iPad or more. It wasn’t very easy finding our way around, the signage was not very good.








image imageThe canals and pathways are all over the place. We got lost once, we walked about 40 minutes longer than we planned.


Venice was different to what I thought it would be like- I imagined gondolas everywhere and there were hardly any because it was raining and cold all the time.

By Yas



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