Toby’s English assignment

imageThis is an exercise Toby did in English class in the first few weeks of school back in September. We came across it a while ago when cleaning out his papers! It was a very interesting read about his perception of why we came here and also the stark difference of being at a ‘concrete’ school where there wasn’t much time in the few 10-15 mins breaks in between classes let alone any sports equipment to be able to borrow. Despite being thrown in the deep end I was so proud of how the kids embraced school in the beginning weeks.


‘My family moved here because my dad wanted us to speak Greek. One more (reason) was because it was too cold in the winter where he lived once upon a time (Florina) and a friend from here told him about here. It is a very nice place.

No. 3 School is very nice. Lots of people are nice. At my school in Australia it had lots of play space and you could get any sport stuff. I like it here, but I would love to go back home! And all my friends and family.

We were going to go to No. 1 School but it was full up so we came here to No. 3 School.’

By Tobes

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