Viva Italia

imageI just love love love Italia! Back in 2012 when we first started talking about our trip we made a big vision board and the whole family got to draw pictures of things they wanted to do and where they wanted to visit. Well Yasi’s two places were Italy and France! Italy because she had studied Italian at school and did a big project about Venice. France because she wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and I think she was impressed by the stories of her good friend Pippa who visited there.
Anyway – my response was “Let’s put it down on the poster darling but I think you should not count on both those places cause we are on a tight budget and they are the two most expensive countries in Europe.” Well vision boards obviously have great power…….
When we ended up in Spain for our family Christmas and ventured over the sea to Morocco, the cheapest way to get back to Greece was through Italy! I was so excited when I found A$90 fares from Casablanca to Milan. Then €33 fares from Rome – Athens. It does pay to spend a chunk of a day researching on the Internet (while drinking yummy frappes in a suitably trendy cafe of course) and booking super early. Yasi was so excited when I told her.

So that’s where our 4 days holiday to Italy started to lay its seed. Whilst Milan is a pretty city if you’re into fashion – we basically high tailed it out on a train to Venice and by that Eve were sitting in a very simple but extravagantly yummy Restraunt eating incredible pasta. Such a delight!
Here are some of the stories:
By Baba Christos

image image

In Rome we met Zia Angela who is really naughty and bought us Fanta – we saw her at the Rome train station with her friend from Australia and we had a cuppa together. It was fun. (My baba met her in Japan more than 20 years ago when he called a wrong number)

Baba said no to Fanta at first, but In the cafe when Angela was ordering us Fanta and I wanted to buy some orange juices, she said ‘I’m allowed to spoil you’. She said ‘3 fantas per favore’ to the lady and baba said ‘no just 2 fantas – they can share’ and 3 juices, and then baba went away and then she changed it to 3 fantas and 2 juices anyway. I learnt the numbers with baba on the train – they are uno, due, tre, quatro, cinque, sei, sette, otto, move, dieci, indici, dodici, tredici, quattordici, quindici, sedici, diciasette, diciotto, diciannove and venti.

imageThe Colosseum – in the colosseum was a big building and it had a maze where they used to release lions and other animals like that.



imageThe Romans got to run around with a shield and a sword and if they bumped into each other they had to fight each other till one of them was dead. They found lots of different bones in the Colosseum and I was surprised to see a horse’s head and big cat’s leg bones and other weird things.



image image

The pasta in Italy was the best – well I didn’t really try all the pastas because I just stuck to pesto pasta because it was just the best, man! I did have a bit of other’s pasta because sometimes we had to share because man that stuff was expensive.









The pizzas were huge – like if you wanted to buy a piece in a shop it’s like two normal pieces stuck together. Man don’t get me started on that stuff. Enough about food.



Anyway – I loved the double decker buses (except for the rain). You get lots of fresh air – I could write 5000 pages about the buses so don’t get me started. You got earphones and they told you bits about things that you passed. Kids didn’t have to pay at all on the bus!





The first time we went on the bus we got off at a cool fountain called the Trevi fountain. And we got an ice-cream but it wasn’t any ordinary ice-cream – it was a triple decker ice-cream, but I can’t remember my flavours now. We sat at the fountain and ate it while we watched lots of people throw money and pray.


People throw money into the fountain to pray that they will come back. The fountain was the coolest ever.

Thanks guys love from Kikibelle.







My favourite things about Rome were the red double decker buses, the colosseum and the triple decker gelati. By Yas







My favourite thing about Rome was the big rainstorm on the last day – I’ve always wanted to be under shelter in a storm when there is all quiet, sudden rumbles and then quick rain.



The double decker buses were cool and the Vatican City was a great place to take photos of where the pope lives.






imageWe met Zia Angela and her friend Fiona at the Rome train station cafe and I loved getting updates from her about the Labor Party, because Fiona was a labor candidate.
The brekkies were just awesome – well the hot chocolate was great, so was the juice and so were the croissants. The lasagne was also too good for words at dinner time. By Tobes
PS The lasagne in Italy (where it was invented) was the best in the world.



My favourite thing in Italy was the triple decker ice cream. The man at breakfast invited me to go dancing with him but I think he was joking. We had chocolate croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast. By Zoiimage










imageMy favourite thing about Italy was the pesto pasta and the pizza and the gnocchi stuff. Good bye! Love Moochie





My favourite thing about Italy – was knowing that food time will always be easy with pasta and pizza on the menu.

I was fascinated by the Colosseum, an incredible building, unfathomable how they recreated such a structure so long ago, but hadn’t realised what gory uses it had been put to.

imageI could not believe how every street you wandered, every corner you turned was a building or statue worthy of multiple photographs and wonder.



In Venice, I loved meandering through the streets and canals, but I found them quite unsettling getting lost cause I though I had an great sense of direction.
imageTo tell you the truth one of my favourite things was sharing that time with Gigga, she was great to travel with, I don’t know what else to say. It was good to share the moments with her…


Ooh and the pasta and wine we had on our first night in Venice. I have a gorgeous photo of my hubby sipping wine as we sat huddled around heaters outside while the the kids ran wild, it was freezing, and celebratory.
Ciao, Sandy

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