Moochie’s day as a Class helper

Today I was the helper at my school – Nipio.


I sat on the helper chair and helped the teacher. They gave me a piece of paper of all the things that they said about me. Like a sheet with nice things about me – like Nikola said I’m a very good and special friend and Rafaela said I’ve got a good heart.





Maria said I’m very strong. Manos said I’m very beautiful, someone said I’m good at music and singing but I don’t remember who that was now. Myrto said I’m very smart. Andoni thinks I’m a very good fellow student and Ioanna said I’m very smiley. Silia said I was a very good helper.




I was a fun day because I didn’t know what it would feel like and it was very fun.

I said thank you for all the nice things they said and gave them all a kiss on the cheek and said ευχαριστώ πολύ (efharisto poli) which means than you very much.


I showed them some photos of me – like I told them about the countries I was and the people in my photos. Some of them were scared of the crocodile photo but I told them that it had its mouth taped up.






I also told them about things about me which I had on a paper.
My favourite colour is blue and green (prasino means green, ble means blue)
I like pirates.
My favourite food is pizza and chocolate (in Greek you say sokolata) and eggs.
I have 1 brother and 3 sisters.
I like batman and superman and Spider-Man and Ben 10.

Baba helped me write them in Greek and I wrote some of the words myself and my name – my name is Αιμιλιος.

Is that enough for you all because I’m getting tired and I want to play – bye bye

From Emilio

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