My Labyrinth Park Excursion

Saturday 19 October 2013

My school went on excursion to the Labyrinth Park today. My four mates went too. I have five mates but one of them weren’t there so I just had 4 friends today – their names are Mano, Engli, Andoni, Georgio, and my other one that missed out is called Nikola.


The bus was waiting and waiting for us in the morning at the port where the Submarine leaves from.
It was so fun – I got to go in the maze and Engli beat me in the maze but I beat him in the racing cars.

image image

I like the mini golf and I even went on a horsey with Engli. Then we went to go and look at the goats and the ponies and the chooks and the bunny rabbits, then we saw the wild dogs. Then we all had an ice cream and hopped on the bus again to go home. I sat next to Engli on the way back. We played games and talked about the bits where we were at the restraunt and were flicking the ice-cream in our mouth with the spoon. Engli only talks Greek – I understand lots but don’t speak too much yet.

I could tell you all the words I know but I’m too excited right now. I’ll tell you a few.
When we eat we say …. ‘Efharisto sti Gi gia afto to fagito’ and then ‘Kali orexi’ that means ‘ thanks to the earth for this food’ and ‘good appetite’
‘Oh re’ means ‘oh man………’
‘Pame’ means ‘let’s go’
‘Stammata’ means ‘stop’
‘Boris’ means ‘can you?’
‘Endaxi’ means ‘allright’ or ‘OK’
‘Orea’ means ‘nice’ or ‘beautiful’


Every Monday, Wedneday and Friday we go to ‘gymnastiki’ and do sport at the running track near our home. Mr teacher is Kirie Paskali and I really like him cause he’s nice to me and does good games with us – like run and there’s a stick and we have to put the cone on it and who ever gets there first wins – its is awesome.

At swimming (it’s called ‘kolimbi’) We do bike kicking bubbles, head in the water, normal swimming and we do kicking without moving – you have to very smart to kick without moving – you have to hold on to the edge – my teachers are Kiria Eleni and Kirie Kosta. I go every Tuesday and Thursdays – I am getting so much better at swimming – that’s all for today – bye
Love Moocha

image image image

I went to the maze park and rode a horse – but not galloping – just walking – and then I went in the maze and found my way out. I rode the horse for about 5 minutes but it seemed like a long time.
This is my friend Mina she was not he horse at the back of me. Mina is my friend – my other friends Georgia wasn’t there. The mini golf was really fun – we were catching up to Engli – it was a great day.

By Zoi

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