Semi-Submarine Excursion

Saturday 19 Oct 2013

Today I met my friend Igli and his sister Olivia and together with Yasi and Kiki we all went with our class on an excursion. We went on a Semi-Submarine trip. Half of my class came on our trip cause there were two trips today.
We sailed off at 1pm, and then we sailed to a place where there are lots of fish and they started feeding little fish to the bigger fish.

Half way through the feeding some seagulls came and caught a few fish – we could see their legs and we heard their sounds. We saw lots of different types of fish that I don’t know the names of – one of the types were sardines. The boat went to different places – we didn’t get to see any dolphins or eels or turtles this time – but the earlier class saw a really big turtle apparently.

image image
We sat in the underwater compartments and watched all the feeding – it was really good.











After baba picked us up Igli and I went to the small soccer field and had a little kick around. We shot at goals with the soccer ball that Uncle George got me.

Before we went to the Semi-Submarine I read such an exciting book that I just didn’t want to leave – it is called – the Famous Five number six – I cant put it down. Igli is a funny person – he knows little English but knows the rudest signs and words. He reminds me lots of Shelby – cheek and funny. That’s all folks – talk soon
by Tobes


Today I went on a submarine and I saw lots of fish – some looked like swordfish – people were throwing out bait to the fish – there were big feeding frenzies – it looked cool.

We went on a Submarine with my class – I would say there was as much rubbish and tyres in the water than the fish – all kind of things- its funny cause you don’t see rubbish near the beach.
By Yasi

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