Zoi’s busy day


Today I was the class helper, I had to sit next to my teacher, Kiria Leftheria, and pass around a toy bunny that we look after – we give it names – I named it Bella. I had to give out paper to the other kids. I had to show them photos of me and I had some homework to do – a page all about me!




image image

When I was going home they gave me a poster they drew for me and a diploma of being a helper. They said I was kind and gentle.
My teacher said I could do a puzzle while all the other kids made my beautiful picture for me.
I walked home with mum and Emilio.
Baba hid behind the kitchen cupboard and scared us when we got home in the kitchen.


For lunch we had tuna bolognese – that is my best meal ever in the whole world.
I talked to grandma on the phone and even played reading eggs and Lego.







At 5 o’clock we did athletics on the field near our house. My teacher’s name is Kirie Paskali – we run and do lots of activities and competitions. Then we had a swim and I was splashing baba lots. He tried to catch me but I was way too fast – he caught Emilio’s leg.

By Zoi

2 thoughts on “Zoi’s busy day

  1. Hi to Emilio, Zoi, Yasy, Tobes and Kalika!

    We liked looking at your pictures. Wirra gives a special cuddle to Emilio, Inanay cuddles to Zoi and I (Kate the typer) will cuddle to you other three from afar. It is just before school time here. Wirra is about to catch the bus.

    Love from From Wirra and Inanay.

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