(After getting onto a train in Russia where we had two compartments)
Kalika – ‘Move quickly I need to get to the other room – I can’t survive without my Lego – I’ll die. Quick!’


Zoi to Yasi (in Bulgaria)

Z: ‘Yas do I look beautiful?’
Y: ‘You are always beautiful.’
Z: ‘No not in my heart – I mean my hair!’


(Emilio after he fell into the cold Black Sea from the pier and coped very well until we could save him albeit quite fearfully)
‘My adventure heart is going down.’


Emilio to Sandy (at the beach in Odessa)
‘Why are your muscles so wobbly’

Sandy – (looking outside train window in Moldova)
‘Those cows almost look Australian’


(As we were walking to our favourite local pool in Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
Christos: ‘That building over there is so OTT!’
Kalika: ‘What’s OTT Baba?’
Christos: ‘You’re a bit OTT sometimes Kalika.’
Kalika: ‘Yeah but what is it?’
Christos: ‘It’s kind of like when a person is quiet and another is crazy and running around like a nut, the quiet one might think the crazy one is a bit OTT.
Kalika: ‘Oh! I think this swimming pool is OTT but I like it.’


(Toby at the local playground close to our first tiny apartment in Agios Nikolaos)
Toby: ‘Greeks just do really wierd things. I mean that boy over there jumped straight off the top of the monkey bars and straight onto his skate board. That’s crazy.’
‘But he did do his cross three times and prayed first’.


2 thoughts on “FUNNY EXPRESSIONS

  1. Fantastic Fun Summary of the Unique Insights of travel.

    Love it and Miss you very much.

    Wirra and Inanay and Whitfield PS kids had a great day at the snow yesterday. Much zooming down the slopes & laughing. No classic expressions come to mind though…

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