Yia Sou (Hi) from Greece

Kato Ydrousa (our village)
Andoni is the best uncle ever. He is so strong. When we see him we jump onto him and wrestle him to the ground. In this photo we were at a festival party and there was lots of Greek dancing. We had fun dancing around on his shoulders.

image image

Do any of you know how I did my hair like this? Mousse! My aunty Filio helped me to do my hair like this. I am almost stronger than Toby and my whole family. Look how big my muscles are.


This is me on my chich’s shoulders – I was saying “everybody dance now”. In the front is my Popou Doni and he is very old and even older than Giagia in Melbourne, beacuse he’s her daddy. He always buys us treats at the kafenio in the village centre.

image image

This is me on the front of the motorbike – It is Darly’s bike – Darly is my Giagia’s first cousin.he took me back to Aunty Seve and Uncle Mihali’s house to play and see the cows. When we went to visit Darly and Olga his mum Aunty Konde always gave us sweets and chocolate.


I walked up the hill to where there were bamboo plants and I used them as spears and stuff in my pirate game. All good pirates need good sticks. I played them with Angeliki and Kalika and Zoi but I was the one who went up with baba and mama to get the sticks.

image image image image

My uncle Kosta came to visit us and gave me a ride on his motorbike – it was epic.

image image

By Moocha

3 thoughts on “Yia Sou (Hi) from Greece

  1. Hello milikings.
    Loving your blogs! Just back from central Australia (wicked).
    safe travels. all my love to you adventurous lot.
    Love & hugs Ness (Pete & Boys)

    • Thanks so much Ness – we love writing them. We have been thinking of you and wondering how your time in Central Australia has been – bet it was fabulous. Want to know all the highlights and challenges – maybe we can do a Skype call soon.
      All my love to your boys

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