From Bulgaria to Northern Greece – my stories and photos

Teta Ketsa
In Bulgaria we went to Teta ketsa’s house. Teta means aunty in Bulgarian. Teta Ketsa is my papou’s sister. Her sons Kotse and Goche made us some ice cream. It was home made. They took us to a restraunt. There wasn’t room inside so we had to sit outside but it was very hot. We ate meat and potatoes and salad. They gave me a present – I got a flower that is plastic and moves its leaves and is in a plastic bowl.

Kate is our cousin she is so good at doing nails but she is also studying to be a very good dentist. I lost my tooth when I was there and I got 3.20 Leva from the tooth fairy in Bulgaria.

image image image image

Rene and Mitko is my aunt and uncle and they were really lovely because they took us to lots of places and we played and played and had fun.

image image image

Now we are in Greece in a small village and we are staying in our Greek house. It is really Giagia and Papou’s house but we just call it our house.


It has 3 big bedrooms and a lounge and a kitchen and a sitting room.

We like staying here and we even found some old toys from when the bigger kids came here before when they were were really little.

We walk up the hill where there are no houses and we get some blackberries. We go with my Chich George and Aunty Sally. We are collecting them to make some jam or a cake. We put them in the buckets and in the fridge.


Yesterday we went to Aunty Kouli’s house for lunch. She is my Giagia’s sister.


Our uncle is Thio Vasili and her kids are Kosta and Evi. Kosta is married to Vicki and they have a little girl called Angeliki.

image image image image

We played at her house and she had lots of toys. When baba and mama went home with Yasi and Toby we really didn’t want to go with them so we stayed and played and played and played and they brought us home later. Angeliki is fun.


Andoni is really cool – he is our uncle. Everyday we play with him and jump on him and get him down and play stacks on. He is really epic fun.
I love Andoni – he’s the beautifulest uncle in the world.

image image image

Mihali is awesome cause he cuddles me lots of times. He is my great-uncle and Andoni’s baba. We try to wrestle him but he didn’t come so we stacks on with Andoni. He gives us milk at night and it is warm when it comes out of the cow. I have cornflakes with the milk or hot chocolate.


I love Aunty Kouli cause I just do. She’s Angeliki’s grandma and Angeliki’s grandma is sister with my gorgeous Giagia.


This next photo is at our aunty Mary’s place – we loved playing on the swinging chair. We had dinner there – we had kore which is like plain pasta with butter. When we weren’t eating we played stacks on Toby on the swing.

image image

Sally was letting Chich drink from a bottle that the little ‘mouskaris’ (baby calves) drink from. Sally is lifting Chich and cuddling him. In the background we are playing stacks on.

image image

By Zoi

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