Cousins, pools and fun in Bulgaria

(Note – we are just learning how to do tiled mosaic photo displays with captions so the pool photos below will hopefully have some captions)

In Bulgaria we played with our cousin Kate who is 20 years old. We love her.

image image

She is awesome because she played with us and spent lots of time with us. She can even do the girls’ finger and toe nails with awesome pictures on them.

image image

She is studying to be a dentist at university. She is Rene and Mitko’s child – Rene is my Baba’s first cousin. Their apartment is amazing – they are really good cooks – every meal we had at their place both had salami and lots of other really healthy and yummy food like bean soup and pasta and ‘terrator’ which is a cold yoghurt soup.

image image

Their main television was an awesome and amazing one that wasn’t just an ordinary plasma TV but a 3D TV that had special 3D glasses.

image image image
We stayed at our great-grandma – Baba Angelina’s (Baba means grandma in Bulgarian) apartment where she lived before she died. She actually lived there from 1960.


It was very comfortable – the beds were easy to sleep in and us kids all slept in one room which used to be Baba Angelina’s bedroom.


Cooking was a bit hard cause there was just a small electric hot plate in the outside balcony (so it was difficult to make our favourite brekky which is eggs) but we managed ok and have been eating lots of cucumbers and ‘banitsa’ which is like a cheese pie with yummy pastry.

IMG_0787 2
At Baba Angelina’s apartment building there was no lift so we had to climb up six long flights of stairs. When Baba Angelina was alive she had to do that everyday which would’ve been hard when she was old. We did it everyday a few times as well.
There was a playground on one side of the apartment building and a cafe that was a also a petrol station on the other side. We went to the cafe often cause it had good food, plenty of shade and a playground for the kids.


There was a very awesome pool as well – we went there three times and it was cheaper in the morning than in the afternoon. It was super dooper looper hot so we loved going there to play. There were five or six pools and one of them had a bar in the actual pool. We got Mohitos cause they were refreshing and cold. They have soda water, lots of lime and mint and ice.

Every day for lunch we went to our aunt Mirka’s place (Rene’s mum). She is an excellent cook. My favourite meal was ‘potato gratin’ which was like baked potatoes with lots of cheese. We all had third or fourth helpings. Her apartment was about 500m from Baba Angleina’s place so not too far but long enough when it was really hot.

image image
We also went to see aunt Ketsa (my dad’s other aunty) and her two boys Gocho and Kotse. They made some amazing ice-cream with topping and fruit. We went there for afternoon tea and there was so much food – the ice cream, and cake and juice and other sweets as well……and we were allowed to have one glass of Fanta or Sprite. They also gave us presents and I got a special mini treasure chest.

image image image image
We were really full from all the food but then they took us out for dinner at a restraunt. It was walking distance from their apartment and we had a big plate of onion rings, chips and lots of meat that was grilled. It was absolutely delicious. Baba and mum had mushrooms.

One day with Kate, Rene and Mitko we went bowling which was really fun cause we got to go with our cousins. Zoi won with a couple of strikes but she got to use the big metal thing that you put in the middle to roll the ball down.


After bowling we went out to a Restraunt near their house where we had more meat and lots of different types of potatoes or different shapes and cooking really.

image image

It was very yummy. We really miss them – they were really awesome cousins and can’t wait to see them again.
In Bulgaria some of the apartment buildings looked quite old but not many people live in houses.

image image

The centre of the city had lots of old beautiful buildings and a very big park that had lots of shade and a playground. The playgrounds have lots of gym equipment cause people don’t have enough room to put it in their apartments. There are things like, bicycles, chin up machines and lots of other fun things.

By Tobes

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