Bulgarian fun

Our cousin Kate is such an awesome person and we loved playing with her. She has a very cool bedroom with a few gym equipment things and she is studying to be a dentist.

image image

She’s 20 years old and has so many nail polishes. She painted our nails – she can do lots of colours – almost three – on one nail – that’s what I had done on my toes. It looked really cool. She can even do flowers with her dentist tools. There is a light switch attached to her bed so she could read at night. She has a huge telly in her room and lots of soft toys that we liked to play with. We hung out there for ages. Kate’s parents are Rene and Mitko they drove us places like the park and the centre and went to Kate’s favourite ice cream place.

Mitko and Rene were awesome cooks and we loved having dinner there.


We loved playing at this ‘cool as’ pool – It had water fountains and everything a pool could need. We liked diving under the water fall. I loved the water slide – I pretended to be six so I could play on it because there was a sign saying ‘6 years old and under’. You can basically do anything at this pool. We played at the playground, there’s a building there that we discovered there was not just a window but also a table so you could play shops. I escaped from the playground without the little kids seeing me and went to the big deep pool where the others were and I ducked down and surprised the little kids when they came to tell mum they had lost me (Kalika).

image image image

We practised our diving and even Zoi and Emilio swam in the big pool. We taught Baba to do some diving tips like torpedoes and somersaults.
By Calippo (Kiki)

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