Zoi’s Images of Ukraine and Moldova

I got a special pirate top and skirt in odessa. We played a game with Emilio and Kalika with our pirate sea costumes.

image image image image

A the beach we went in the water – it was cold and the next time it was cold again and we caught a white jelly fish. We put it back in the water. We liked the piers.


I really like this picture – it’s a nice smile. We saw it in a cafe in Moldova. I took this photo.


We got a milkshake and a croissant and it said ‘we love your smile’ on the plate. It was awesome.

image image

We went on a hot train to Moldova from Ukraine. We watched a movie called ‘Soul Surfer’. I liked it cause there was surfing and I liked the hospital bit but I cried a little bit in the sad part.

imageimage image

By Zoi

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