My ‘Mr Moscow Blog’

Moscow – in Moscow was stayed in a house with tons of toys and we loved playing with them. They belonged to Nikita’s brother and sister but we didn’t meet them because they were away with their mum at their summer house about 100kms from Moscow.

imageimage image image

Lots of things we tried to do in Moscow were closed or too hard to get in. It wasn’t very tourist friendly but St Petersburg was. Every time there was an open space like the Red Square, Zoi, Emilio and I would run and jump and play. We even played Mamma Mia stage in front of Lenin’s mausoleum.

image image image image image image

We found a big fair and I went so high on the jumping trampoline.

image image image image image

There was also a pizza vending machine – we had to try it but it was a bit weird – mummy thought there was mould on the cheese.

image image

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