More train stories…….

These stories came from Zoi and Emilio but missed the blogoshpere somehow – so here they are:

21 July 2013

Right now I’m on a train AGAIN! I just finished my school work – I did my numbers all the way to 35 and maths sentences with +, – and =. I count on my fingers or with my Lego pieces. I practiced my piano fingers on the table but it didn’t make sounds.

Outside I can see lots and lots of trees (more than 51) and grass and flowers. Also some little trees. Also some houses made of wood or bricks. There is lots of green and the sky is very blue. When we stop at a station they lock the toilets. There is a Russian man in our room also – he is going to work where it is still cold and he drills holes in the ground for oil.

image image

For breakfast I had yoghurt and porridge. The porridge got warm because filled with hot water from the end of the carriage. For dinner we usually have noodles in a special container that we fill up with hot water from the end of the train.


By Zoi

21 July 2013 TRAINS

For school, today I made a long sentence and it was fun cause I like doing sentences with mum. My sentence is ‘The fat cat sat on a hat on a mat and ate up a mummy rat and a baby rat.’


I also learnt number sentences like ‘ten take away six equals four’. I had my smile on for school work.


The train is epic and awesome because I got to go in Kalika’s room and see the grandpa, that’s in there, snoring. Also Toby got a small plastic mini pool table and he is playing now with Kalika but the game is very wobbly on a train. We are going to St Petersburg – it’s a big city named after Tom’s dad.


Yesterday we played frisbee in the forest from Asia to Europe. We went there with a lady called Luba. She speaks English very very well. We went to an epic cafe and had ice cream near our apartment on the way home.

image image

It’s almost lunch time on the train and we will have lots of yummy food, bread with cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers and we also have some chocolate for our afternoon snack. We always get hungry – especially at bed time we always get hungry and ask for more food. We go to bed about 10 o’clock at night because its so light outside and we sleep in to about 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning. I usually wake up first at home but now I am a deep sleeper and I wake up later but sometimes still first.


I’m sad because there are no bananas left and baba says I have to eat other fruit so I’m eating an apricot but I don’t like it because I’m not really used to it. Baba says fruit makes me stronger. I love bananas.

When I grow up i think I don’t want to be a policeman anymore, i want to be in a boys band.

Kalika and Zoi are dancing and singing all over the train – it’s very annoying. They are so loud and I’m concentrating on my apricot.

By Moochie

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