St Petersburg is awesome

At the moment we are on a really fast train like a Shinkansen from Japan. We are going 220km/hr right now! The world is whizzing by and it can make the outside a bit blurry.

image image image image

For the last five days we stayed at a girl called Irene’s apartment in St Petersburg. It was the best place yet cause it was awesome. It had fun things to do inside like she left craft things for us and at the bottom was a playground.


There were lots of things we did like water parks, zoos and models of the whole entire Russia. At the model place which was like a big huge map of Russia there were models that were very detailed – you could even see things like people doing CPR and chopping wood and running away from bears.

image image image image

You cold even see bunks and things like that inside a submarine.


You could even listen to stories about it. There were even horse races and horse and cart races. There were buttons we could press and the races would start. We went to the model place with our new friends and a cousin – their names are Natalia (the mum), Dobrinya (3 year old son), Ilia (13 year old son who left yesterday to visit his grandparents in Vladivostok – which is on the other side of Russia and it took him 10 hours to fly there), Marsha (20 yrs old – she is studying fashion designing), Vyacheslav (he’s the dad and he’s an osteopath – he works on people bones and muscles like my baba) and also Phillipe who was their cousin on holidays from Siberia – a place called Khabarovsk.

image image

It was fun, especially at the water park with them. The water park had lots of slides – like eight or so and a water playground and fountains and pools and rapids and row boats and lots of things. It was an indoor water park – I even saw a helicopter through the glass roof from the top waiting area for the best water slide. The sixth best was the yellow slide in the little kids area – there was two of them next to each other. The fifth best was the green one in the little kids play area and the orange one was the fourth best water slide. The third was the blue one in the little kids play area because you went up on the side when you were turning. There were some covered and not covered parts. The second best was the green one for big people – you just went straight down – it was a huge drop – we had to pretend I was 10 years old to go on this one but I was tall enough. The best slide was the dark green slide – some bits you went straight down then straight up and straight down and straight up – it was awesome.


Something terrible happened to Emilio and i today – we were stuck in a lift – you can read about it in Emilio’s blog.



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