I really loved St Petersburg

We stayed with Irene in her apartment in St Petersburg – she’s a beautiful girl and was lovely. She gave us an awesome doll that is a an old Russian doll. I like platting her hair.


I like Natalia and I love the toys at her house. I played with her son Dobrinya and Emilio and Kalika. We had lots of cake and stuff there and these little balls like meringues – like little ones.


We walked and walked lots in St. Petersburg on lots of roads and gardens – my legs were really tired but we got an ice cream and a chocolate croissant so that gave me lots of energy. On our walk we saw some churches, palaces and princess’ gardens and dogs and lots of people getting married and people dressed up in old clothes. We we even walked past a beach with cold water.

image image image image

At the zoo my favourite animals were the cheaters, tigers and horses. I really love horses but its funny to have them in zoos because the aren’t supposed to be in a zoo, they are supposed to be in the mountains and stuff.

image image

By Zoi

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