Last week we got a text from good friends Corina & Werner, asking how we possibly cope without much personal space and me time – well in all honesty it hasn’t really been something I have thought about much because it is not really something that is very possible – especially as we are trying to traverse a continent and a half by train. Apart from the occasional walking to the local shop to get supplies there hasn’t really been much chance to do anything on our own – nor should there be really cause this whole trip is mainly about family time rather than me or us time. Anyway the text made me really crave for some me time and my response was:
“OMB! (Oh my Buddha – though I should switch back to OMG since there are so many beautiful churches around) – You are speaking my language – I just haven’t thought about it I guess – me time!
Mmmmmmm! If I had some me time I’d be at a yummy Italian Restraunt with a glass of Prosecco followed by a delicious pasta meal and a Spritz to end with and lots of wonderful adult conversation & gossip before having to run across the road to the groovy Art Deco cinema for a thought provoking Iranian movie that just won the Sundance film festival -ahhhhhhh! That would be nice – but for now I’ll have to dream about it while we share a cramped train carriage with the kids for 47 hours”.


Anyway – my first attempt at some me time has been nice but I should’ve been more organised – I completed my first task at getting us 5 tickets to see Swan Lake (little kids allowed to sit on our knees which saves some rubles) – we think it would be a travesty of justice to come to this amazing city St Petersburg – and not see one of the classical ballets – and the kids are quite into it – though Zoi and Emilio have only seen Angelina Ballerina before. So that is tomorrow night – we thought we’d go tomorrow to celebrate my brother George’s birthday.
I’ve been craving going to a movie and all the posters of movies have guns in them and my general rule is if there’s a gun on the poster it’s not for me – so there was only one movie applicable and it looked good – (not sure what it would be called in English) – but with all my walking to the theatre – tickets were pretty cheap but I wanted to avoid the commissions so I walked to the actual Conservatory theatre ticket office – and then to the cinema I missed the first movie time slot by half and hour and at the second cinema I tried the next showing isn’t for two hours at 10pm…….
Therefore I am content with just sitting quietly, sipping my green tea and eating my delicious and very creamy and naughty cappuccino cake from an exquisite cake shop that I wouldn’t want to walk into with the kids. It tastes so much better without having to worry about noise levels, or reminding them that they can’t put the umbrella up inside, or playing chasey inside wouldn’t be the best idea, or being asked to read a book or why would this man called Hitler want to bomb the exquisite Hermitage museum, or how did he die, or why didn’t someone try to stop him…….. Ah a bit of peace and…… time.
Sandy’s turn in a couple of days…….and Sandy suggested that when we are settled in Crete and the kids have gotten used to school etc we should have 5 days each where we go somewhere new on our own! Mmmmmmmm! My mind is starting to boggle.
May your day be awesome and epic (kids love these words)




  1. Big smiles reading this, yes, do wonder sometimes why most of us crave me and we and family time. Why do we have these feelings and yet at the same time we all seem to have them. And when we have me or we time we miss the children!!! I don’t think our grandparents were thinking like this though although I am not sure. Anyway, those 5 days on the Greek Island sound like heaven 😉

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