Zoi the Siberian princess


We met some lovely friends called Gabby and Levi. We played lots and lots and lots and and lots and lots of games with them. Our favourite game was ‘Cat Robber Steal’ but that’s boring now. Gabby and I looked alike – we have the same hair. I love Gabby and miss her very much. I hope she visits me at my house.


I love the food at ‘Nikita’s Homestead’ – at breakfast time I love the pancakes, at lunchtime I love the Russian soup and the bread and at dinner they always have sweet bread but I have to eat my soup and veggies and fish before my sweet bread. There is a lot of fish around here.


At the beach I like the cold water – I put my head under the water with my gorgeous baba, it was so cold – if you put your head in the water you live longer. I played with Gabby and Levi at the beach – they were my friends but now they are on a train and I miss them. We played finding special rocks and we built a rock statue. We climbed on a cliff really high and it was slippery because I had my thongs on. In America they call thongs flip flops – it is such a funny name. Gabby and Levi spoke with an American accent.


We are leaving Olkhon Island tomorrow and going a train for 2 nights – that’s a very very longtime.


A couple of days later…….
Right now we are on a very long train trip for 2 nights from Irkutsk to a place called Omsk which is still in Russia. It’s a very very big country. I’m doing my school work and baba is writing in my blog. I know my letters very well now.

I miss all my friends at school.
By Zoi

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