Zoi – the accidental goat rider

When we stayed at the ger with Janba and his family I liked horse riding and camel riding. I even got to ride on the camel’s neck. When I was helping to milk the goats I was sitting on the goat so it wouldn’t move when they were milking but goat took me for a ride and I was crying. It was an accidental ride but I was the first one in our family to ever ride on a goat.


There was a little boy who we used to play together but he used to love my Lego. He took our water bottle. I also played bubbles with him.


I cooked with the grandma – I made cookies, and dumplings. I loved playing with the dough.


I went to a movie called ‘Monsters University’ in a cinema in Ulaanbaatar. I really liked the movie and I had my very own popcorn that I didn’t have to share. In the movie there was a monster called Mike and Sullivan. Sullivan jumped up to a window, they won the scary games.

I got to go on a row boat by myself in Ulanbaatar. We only had a short ride because we were rushing for the train to Russia. We are on the train now.


WE SAW A BIG DINOSAUR bones in the main square of Ulanbaatar. It was gynormous – even way bigger than us.


By Zoi


2 thoughts on “Zoi – the accidental goat rider

  1. Oh my goodness Zoi, I nearly fell off my chair in my Bowen clinic when I read about you riding the goat!! Must’ve been a bit scary…… but I love goats, they are mostly kind. It sounds like you are having the bestest travelling time. Love to you all, Sue H xxx

    • Sue – it was so fun getting our comment – we nearly fell off out train bench seat reading it – thank you – hope you have a super time in shoal bay – I’m so sad I’m missing it

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