Moochie’s wrap up of time in China

Sorry once again for the lateness of this blog – Baba’s wifi fault…….

Athe Tiger Leaping Gorge I saw the rock that the tiger jumped off the cliff onto a little rock then a big rock then onto the other side.


We climbed the Thousand Turtle Mountain and there were lots and lots of steps – you had to take off your shoes and socks. My legs are getting stronger and stronger because I’m getting bigger and we are doing so much walking and climbing. The leg muscles are the strongest muscles in your body. Even stronger if you eat all your food and your veggies.


We went back to Shuhe and saw Alex again who took us to the stone forest – that was so much epic awesome fun cause you got to climb up lots of rocks.


Yeshi took us to an awesome Tibetan Restraunt in Shangri-La. It was the best food we had in China. I loved the meat and the potatoes and everything. For dessert we had cake with mint on top. I like mints but I left the leaf. I ate some of the cake – it was yak cheese cake – I only ate half cause I was so full.


A the Great Wall of China I liked It cause we got to run down the hills and run up the hills. They were really humongous hills. We were talking about our Giagia and Papou & grandma walking up these hills – they definitely wouldn’t make it. The hills were ginormous. I could make it there and back to the camping ground cause my legs are strong now. I was walking very slow when the hills were very steep. We camped with some other nice people – their names were Sam from Canada (he spoke funny in French), Hayley and Isabelle from England and Elizabeth and Melanie from America. They were good walkers. Sam was the fastest – he even walked further. I walked with him – we were the fastest.


Beijing was awesome because we got to go on lots of subways and we went to a cake shop. We even found a Lego shop which was so there was policemen ones but i chose a small police lego and a car lego – the airplane is supposed to be red and the car blue. I love playing Lego. Beijing was a very big place and smelly cause there were lots of smokers. I really liked the meat sticks – the dark ones were the best – the red ones were too spicy.


Today we are on a train going to Mongolia. It’s a night train but its morning now so it’s a long way to get to the night. When I finish my school work I’m going to do my Lego and watch Happy Feet 2 on the computer. Goodbye from Emilio

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