Tobes’ Ger Rules

We went to a place that we learnt stuff about Gers – it was an agency called ‘Ger to Ger’.


These are the rules we learnt:

1. Always walk into a ger with your right foot first.
2. When you enter a ger for the first time you must always walk in with the dad first, then the mum, then the kids from oldest to youngest!!!!!
3. The door is pointing to the south – when visitors walk in they go to sit on the west side.
4. You must walk out of the ger in a clockwise direction.
5. You can’t put your feet on the bed.
6. You can’t lean on the sides of the ger.
7. You can’t warm yourself on the fire – especially pointing your bum to it.
8. You’ll be given a cup of salt tea when you visit a ger -you need to accept it with two hands.
9. Never touch the family’s special things in the north – just look at them.
10. t is rude to say no if offered something so best to take it, have a sip or a mouthful and then leave it on the table.
11. Always eat with your right hand.
12. The youngest child normally gets the family ger and the inheritance.
13. When you go out of the ger you just pack up your toys or things you are doing first.
14. We learnt how to feel if the saddle is on tight before getting on a horse.
15. We also leant how to fall off a horse properly by making yourself into a ball.

image image

by Tobes

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