Our ger family in Mongolia -by Kiki

We caught a bus for four hours then a car trip to get to this ger. A ger has precious things in the northeast side. There is a door in the south and a kitchen bench in the south eats. In the middle there is a low table, stools and a fire place where they can cook. Here’s a picture I drew.

The first 2 days we didn’t do much. On the 3rd day we went horse riding and I went walking, trotting, cantering, very fast cantering and maybe even a slow gallop – we weren’t really sure. It was very freaky but very fun. I thought I was going to fall off but I told myself to not let go.

image image
The next day we did more horse riding. The fastest I went that day was trotting for only 5 seconds, the rest was walking.
I got to help milk the goats. We got a tiny bit and great grandma got heaps. Most of goats were feisty. One of the boys with horns had a very big ball sack – bigger than the girls udders. They milk the goats two times per day about 6.30am and 8pm.

We do lots of dung and poo collecting with great grandma. She is very fit. She is 80 years old.



Yasi did lots of goat herding with Voinda.

We love climbing up the rock hills. Te rocks are really really steep and I’m not kidding. I am a really good climber and I love rock climbing and I trust myself.

We have been walking to the well and and drawing up water and putting it into a huge tractor wheel that has been chopped into a trough shape. So far we have fed the goats and the cows cause they are the only animals that have come when we were there.



The well is at the back of Eden camp. The staff at Eden camp don’t link the goats walking through their property to get to the well. Once the staff threw a rock at the goats so we had to herd them home. I am good at throwing he bucket into the well when someone holds the rope for me. I top the bucket upside down and then throw it in…..but now there is a rock at the side of the bucket that baba fished out of the well the day before when we were feeding the cows.
With the family we also collected water for the baby goats. The rope fell into the well (because Toby dropped it). Grandma climbed into the well to get it by stepping on the rocks that poked out.

Me, Emilio and Zoi pretended to be monkeys by climbing some trees near the well. It was easy because there were rocks right under the branches we wanted to climb on.


One was like a bridge from the rock to the tree but we did not climb all the way across. I climbed on a thin branch above some stinging nettles and some rocks. Then we walked home with the water in buckets.

By Kiki

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