Emilio’s Palm Cove, Singapore & China Wrap Up

In China lots of food is very spicy – we eat lots of noodles – baba makes me eat the green stuff in it because it’s good for my eyes and muscles.  I like noodles if they are not too spicy and I love the yogurt drinks.  For breakfast this morning I had some noodles and greens but my yogurt drink was frozen so I’m waiting for the sun to melt it.

Some motorbikes are dirty and they can fit 4 kids on them and sometimes lots of luggage.


We went on a cable car near snow mountains and all the way up very high.  We jumped on a big rock bridge.  I love climbing rocks.


The stone forest was awesome – Alex `the lion’ (I called him that because the lion’s name in Madagascar is Alex) took us there in a big van.  Alex was very tall.  We hid behind big rocks and said `boo’.Emilio_6Emilio_5Emilio_8



We slept on a train – it was awesome – it had some rooms in it and I slept on a bunk in number 5.

Emilio_1Emilio_12 (1)

In Singapore zoo we saw some stingrays at the beginning.  We saw elephants – one of them had clever skills – he was walking backwards on a piece of log and two feet were sticking up.  It was awesome!



We went to Palm Cove with my grandma and pa and all of our cousins.  I was very sad when we left because of the crocodile waterslide and missing my cousins.


Until next time it is over and out from me, Emilio.


Zoi’s News … 10 June 2013

I miss Grandma and pa and I miss the waterslide. I miss Perry and  Elinor and Angus and Marcus and Ethan and Laura and Aaron. Aaron let me blow raspberries on his face.

 We went on some airplanes – there was a tv on one of them. I watched Mickey Mouse and a pirate movie. I love planes.

 I really like the yoghurt drinks. We sometimes have Chinese ice-creams.

 I like Chinese mountains and the stone forest. We climbed on lots and lots of rocks and we went on a cliff.

 I liked the beds on the trains – it’s a very different kind of train – it’s a night train. I woke up really really early.

 Chinese toilets are very different drop toilets. You have to squat. I don’t really like them.


By Lollypop! (typed by baba)