It was sad to leave Yeshi and Kham at the airport in Lijiang. We had photos with them before we said goodbye before we went through security. 


We went on Capital Airlines (my 8th airline) to Xian in the middle of China. Instead of TVs they had ipads and I got to play Angry birds for the first time ever – it was awesome.

ImageImage  Everyone on the plane was playing on the ipads in the plane except dad – he read a magazine – or looked at the pictures because he can’t read (just joking – it was in Chinese).

 In Xian we stayed at an awesome hostel called the ‘Hatang Hostel’ and it had table soccer. I called it the ‘awesome hotel’.Image

For dinner we went to the sister hotel up the road. It had pool and table tennis and a small golf putting thing. There was a turtle there and I picked it up – it folded its body inside.

We went on a tour of a Panda Rescue Centre. We saw red pandas black & white pandas brown & white pandas. 0ne jumped up & stood up she folded her head to her legs and wrapped her hands around her head she looked sad.


We went to the Terracotta warriors that were made 2000 years ago. They looked very old. It started by a farmer digging for water and he found a head. The village moved away and heaps more Terracotta warrior parts were found. He had a prize of just 10 Yuan (which is just under $2). 


I went on an overnight train to Beijing. There were cute Chinese baby twins next door to us. The Chinese can have more than one baby if its twins so I say ‘one pregnancy’. Imagine if they had triplets! There were bunk beds and TVs. In the morning at the train station we had two beggars that were begging for money and we said ‘no’ because we were tired – a bit sad.


by Kiki

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