Toby on Leaving Singapore & more …


At 4:30am we were at the Singapore airport on the way to K.L. We went to the bag drop and did all that stuff, then feeling rather hungry we went to find food I had a Chocolate muffin. We got small trolleys and I had the job of wheeling Zoi on the walkerlator while we waited to get into the security area. Our plane was Malaysian Airlines and it was only one hour and it had TV-which we haven’t had on any of our flights. I watched ‘Cars’ but I didn’t get to watch much because an hour came and went. When we were at K.L airport there as good WIFI so Yasi, mum, Baba and I were on our iPods and iPhones playing ‘Words With Friends’ which is like scrabble with friends. Then it was time to get on the plane to go to Kunming and guess what? On a 4 hour flight there was NO T.V. We were very annoyed!!! Since Malaysian are a partner with QANTAS I got to the captain to sign my Frequent Flyer passport and they let me sit in the cockpit at the end – it was exciting.


FOOD IN CHINA  2 June 2013

For lunch on we had noodles, beef and potatoes a bowl of rice and chicken it was yummy, I found interesting how they made pasta by hand and it only took about 5 minutes to make a bowl of pasta.

For once it was not spicy and was the first meal I have loved in China. When we arrived a few days ago I thought I was not going to survive in China.

HORSE TREK   5 June 2013

We went on mountain horses to a village called Mapingguan. It was great fun. I loved the horses that I rode on, I also loved holding the reins it was fun because I had something to hold on to rather than a old fashion saddle that was difficult to hold for too long. I wanted to trot but the hills were way too rocky and steep to go trotting.

I woke up feeling good, and then had breakfast. We went for four days with no spices then…

Kalika, Yasi and I were into the spices, We said, “they put in too much spices in Kunming but a little bit of spices on corn and rice is just the best”.

On the way back we only has 2 horses available, we all wanted to ride the 2 horses except Emilio so what did we do? We put 2 people  on a horse.  It was so bumpy that I almost fell off the wooden saddle.



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