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SHUHE (LIJIANG)   10 June 2013

We are in Shuhe (near Lijiang), China. I loved lunch on Sunday we had street food it was 6 baked potatoes on a stick, I ate 3 sticks of potatoes!!! This is a short video of me ordering.


Remember how I told you we wanted to get horses when we get back home- I want to do good natural horsemanship with our horses that we get, so me and mum are reading this book on my kindle that is called “Natural horsemanship” it is fun reading it because it tells you how to start and stop your horse with out kicking to go and pulling to stop!!! There is a way but I haven’t read it yet. We are looking in to Arab ( Arabian ) horses, we were looking at thoroughbred horses but mum said they’re often used in racing so they cost so much money. One thing natural horsemanship has taught me is not to make assumptions when riding on horse back. For example the book said ” if you did go to exercise your horse in arena when you got to the gate and got off if you do that 3 days in and row on the fourth day your horse will stop at the gate and wait for you to get off” so mum said ” when you do your daily exercise for your horse you will have to change your route daily so your horse doesn’t go faster when you turn around to go home. SO CHANGE YOUR ROUTE DAILY!!! Is the advice!

T_5188 T_5071

P.S I have been looking for horses already and went on Gum tree last night and found a thoroughbred horse named Ollie he his an un-raced 2 and a half year old thoroughbred he is 15.2 hands, gentle natured and fine in a paddock with lots of hugs and hiss. He comes with a blanket, foal application, bridle and 2 halters and he is brown!!! We are very interested in him. Though he might not still be around in 2yrs time if he’s for sale now.

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