Tobes at Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge

 T1.1    At the Tiger Leaping Gorge we did 3 days of 3-5 hour hikes. The first one was on a 36 C day in the afternoon up steep hills so it was very very hot. So part of the way we walked and then the little kids started getting really tired so we hired two horses for them. The views were amazing – I never knew that the Yangtze ran through the Tiger Leaping Gorge so I thought the Gorge would be cleaner than the muddy brown water of the Yangtze.  It is because it is the wet season and lots of mud flows in.  T1.2T1.4

The first place we stayed was called the Naxi Guesthouse. It was fun because there was good Chinese Food and wifi so we could play ‘Words with friends’.  There was a local kid at the guesthouse so he had lots of bikes and little cars that we loved playing on in the courtyard. The view of the mountains was great because I love looking at mountains with snow.

The second day we hiked up a lot – there were 28 bends and they were long and fun because I loved calling out to all the others and counting the bends. The walk down to the Teahorse guesthouse was long after the 28 bends. I had to wait for 10 minutes on my own waiting for the others cause I was so fast. Yeshi showed us the tiger Leaping stone – where the tiger jumped from one side to the other – that’s how the Tiger Leaping Gorge got its name.  T1.3

When we were meeting up with our driver Kham we had to walk over a landslide and the bulldozers had to stop while we walked over this big hill of messy stone. Lucky it happened at night and no one was hurt. Lucky there are no landslides at our house in Whitfield but the Tiger Leaping Gorge is much steeper.

 By Tobes

12 thoughts on “Tobes at Tiger Leaping Gorge

  1. I remember how steep the gorge walk is Tobes, I did it with my mother and we were so tired. But we also loved loved loved the mountains!!

  2. Oh yes i never forgot and I like it that you like it too. And you must be very good in hiking Tobes.
    Everytime I read your stories and all of yours of course, my heart is going open, and I feel pleasure.
    Thank you very much for sending. And lots of pleassure for all of the family.

    Warm greetings,
    Corina,s Mum, Korrie

    • Hello Korrie – so glad that you are enjoying the blog and the stories of similar travels you have done with Corina – hope you are well and your health is great. All the best – Christos, Sandy and the Miliking kids

  3. Hi there – came across your blog post and wondered the age of the youngest children when you did this hike? Ours are 3.5 and 5, wondering about difficulty/safety!!

  4. Hello – I came across your blog and wondered how old your youngest children were when you did the hike? We are planning and wondered about difficulty/safety for 3.5 and 5 year old kids.

    • Hello – the hike is awesome – we would totally recommend it – our youngest kids were 5 and were fine – it was difficult at times. On the first day we got a horse for our youngest daughter cause it was 38 C and we didn’t start the walk till 3pm. Morning is best.

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