Toby from Shangri-La to Tibetan Village

13 June 2013
We did a 3.5 hour hike and I was tired in the first 50 m. We went from Shangri-La to a Tibetan village. I found it interesting to see lots of wild boar along the way. I got my record of 169 heart beats per minute. I was walking fast up a hill, at high altitude.

T4 T7
I loved the chocolate coco pops chocolates and the dark chocolate doves that we had. We had a rest near where some yaks and cows were and we had some snacks, muesli bars and two Oreo biscuits that Yeshi brought.
We were with Yeshi’ our tour guide from Back Roads of China and he let us use his walking/hiking sticks. There were some really big hills and when we were sitting down having a rest Yeshi teased us that a we had to go up another 45 degree hill, but the village we wanted was at the bottom of the hill we were on. As we were going down, Yeshi made a big scary noise and he was really close to me and I got a fright.

T6 T5

When we were walking along the valley we saw two horses and a foal, when we were getting nearer I heard gun shots and didn’t know what they were. I started to think that a war was moving into town but they were actually just shooting birds for fun.


When we were putting up our tent, about 7 children and three adults came to watch. The children were pushing each other on our tent. Shut the tent for some privacy but one old fellow opened the zip again to see what we we doing. I thought they were rather jealous and I thought they should treat things like your own- I didn’t like it. Then one dad came along and told the boys off and hit them and held up a stick to make them go away.


By the time we got to dinner I was feeling pretty sick , but it was actually just exhaustion and I had a Headache. I told dad I was feeling sick and I only had one spoonful of rice. We had dinner at a pretty poor Tibetan family’s house. The things they had were not bad – there was just not much in their rooms. By the time we got back to our tent I was feeling really sick and as soon mum swapped my bed with Emilios ( because I was feeling so sick I wanted to be next to mum in the tent) I undressed and the minute I was undressed, the minute my head hit the sleep mat I was asleep, mum gave me some homeopathic medicine and then I was asleep again.
What a day! Felt perfect in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Toby from Shangri-La to Tibetan Village

    • Hi Jeanette – thanks for your message and glad you are enjoying the blog – the amazing craft and activi books lasted till we left lake Baikal – they had hours of fun – thanks darls

  1. Marvelous Milikings! Such special stories from diverse perspectives. Wow! Wirra sighted your hiking tents and figured we could join you these school holidays. Hmmm… wishing we could. Enjoy the challenges, highlights, tears and laughter. Love Kate et al

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