Emilio’s Palm Cove, Singapore & China Wrap Up

In China lots of food is very spicy – we eat lots of noodles – baba makes me eat the green stuff in it because it’s good for my eyes and muscles.  I like noodles if they are not too spicy and I love the yogurt drinks.  For breakfast this morning I had some noodles and greens but my yogurt drink was frozen so I’m waiting for the sun to melt it.

Some motorbikes are dirty and they can fit 4 kids on them and sometimes lots of luggage.


We went on a cable car near snow mountains and all the way up very high.  We jumped on a big rock bridge.  I love climbing rocks.


The stone forest was awesome – Alex `the lion’ (I called him that because the lion’s name in Madagascar is Alex) took us there in a big van.  Alex was very tall.  We hid behind big rocks and said `boo’.Emilio_6Emilio_5Emilio_8



We slept on a train – it was awesome – it had some rooms in it and I slept on a bunk in number 5.

Emilio_1Emilio_12 (1)

In Singapore zoo we saw some stingrays at the beginning.  We saw elephants – one of them had clever skills – he was walking backwards on a piece of log and two feet were sticking up.  It was awesome!



We went to Palm Cove with my grandma and pa and all of our cousins.  I was very sad when we left because of the crocodile waterslide and missing my cousins.


Until next time it is over and out from me, Emilio.

3 thoughts on “Emilio’s Palm Cove, Singapore & China Wrap Up

  1. Hey Emilio
    sounds like you are having a great time in China. I have slept on a night train as well.
    Glad you are eating your greens so you grow big and strong ha. We have been writing some letters and will email them soon.
    from Dianne

  2. Dear family,
    We are glad that you have suchs a fantastic time. We like it much to read what happens all days and weeks.
    Is it also, that when you are traveling,to all what happened, time flies even of it was at home? Or is it a big different this way of life? So nice to read the childrens story, how they are looking and feeling everything and everywhere.
    When I read about Dali I have to think about years ago when Corina and me were in the same place on our backpack trip. Sweet Memories. Wish you lots of pleasure and maybe..power for some trouble you sometimes feel.
    Warm greetings also from Minne,

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