Palm cove with our ace cousins!

I have had the best week with my cousins. There are Aaron 14, Ethan 12, Laura 12, Marcus 7, Elinor 5, Perry 4 and Angus 3.



We have played tons of pool table and we have also played in the pool. We all came to Palm cove, we come to Palm cove for family holidays every year. Pa and Grandma pay for everything – they are so generous i think they do it because they love seeing all there grandchildren having fun together and they also love spending time with them all. I loved lunch where we had wedges and chips. I LOVED the wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce.

From left to right – Aunty Carolyn, Aunty Pam, Uncle Rick & mummy (in age Order) by the pool making sure we are safe

We went to Cairns tropical zoo it was fun, we got to feed the kangaroos and pat them. Cairns tropical zoo is the 11th zoo I have been to in my life, my 12th zoo is Singapore zoo we are going there on the 30th. I love the birds and koalas. I especially love the Reticulated python it was 8m LONG and took nine people to carry. I bought a egg that had a fake baby croc, I left it in water for three days and it hatched into a baby croc. On Friday night we watched Collingwood play Sydney, while we were watching I had two drinks they were soda lime and bitters and lemonade. Yum!
Me and Pam watched the last 10 minutes of Hawthorn play Gold Coast. We played pool table everyday and played in the pool everyday. For the dinners we had pizzas, Greek food, we went to the surf club, had fish ‘n’ chips and also we went to.
P.S I had to ask something in Greek Dad said ” nobody is going to have dessert unless Toby orders in Greek”. So I did.

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