Blog          20/5/13

We went to Kakadu and we saw lots of rock art.

IMG_0664 IMG_0646 IMG_0641 IMG_0628

Then we went up the rock to watch the sunset. Lots of other people were there – it was gorgeous.

IMG_7136 IMG_0627 IMG_0617 IMG_0615

That night we didn’t bring our fly as we are staying in Darwin and left it there so we all got soaked in the meddle of the night – we had to sleep in the car it was SO HOT. In the morning we got ten liters of water out of the tent then we went back to Darwin.


By Yasi

3 thoughts on “Kakadu

  1. Love reading all the blog. Foggy morning in the King Vallwy. Sun about to come through and have just heard about you all on the radio. A bloke traveling near Cairns rang Macca on the ABC with what you are up to, where you are going etc….terrific to hear it. Sar xxooxx

  2. Miliking Kids – Kakadu, Edith Falls, ElQuestro etc…. Lots of familiar scenery – very special to see the scenery through your eyes. Wirra and Inanay say hello and miss you all. We hiked to the Top of Mt Typo yesterday for Wirra’s birthday celebrations. We all thought of you. “Emilio would LOVE this!” declared Judd, Wirra and Edan. There was lots of red rocky outcrops – kind of like Kakadu in some ways – just a little bit colder. Can’t wait to see Asia and beyond from your perspectives!

  3. Milikings I have loved reading your blog as you have travelled around Australia & now leaving Cairns! Sandy you are my oldest and dearest friend you know I wish only the best for you and your family in your travels….see you again somewhere in the great outdoors! I eagerly await the next chapter in your life adventure. Love Lou X

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