Edith Falls NT

Blog 13/5/13
Edith falls was so much FUN.
We camped the night at Edith we set up the tent.
IMG_0488 IMG_0489
This is our camp site and the ‘dinner table’ that Kiki set.
In the morning we did the walk to the falls. Toby and I climbed up and up a cliff Toby thought we could get over to the other side through the rapids “he was crazy to think we could cross it alone”. So we went down the cliff. When got back down we all went down the rapids “FUN”.
IMG_0504 IMG_0501 IMG_0497
 On our way to Darwin we saw a Rock wallaby someone had just hit it – the wallaby had a joey in it pouch. My mum tried to get the joey but the Rock wallaby jumped away the wallaby was OK she had blood dripping from her mouth. So we turned up at mum’s cousins house.
By Yasi

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