Cable Beach – Broome

Blog 3/5/13  
Cable Beach Caravan Park [Brome]
At Cable Beach we set up our tent then we went to the pool it was a lot of fun there was a waterfall and a cave in the pool.
IMG_4189 IMG_4226 IMG_4224 IMG_4217
 We went to the beach and we watched the sunset. It was beautiful setting on the sea; we had dinner and went back to the tent.
 The next morning we went to the cliff where dinosaur footprints are – they were intense scenery.  Mum was told that cyclones pulled rock up from under the water – cyclones are powerful. 
IMG_4212 IMG_4208 IMG_4200
 Then it was time to go to the beach we played in the sand and had a swim. Toby was pushing me under the water but Toby only occasionally got me in and we were jumping the waves it was fun.
IMG_4216 IMG_4140
At six o’ olock on Friday night we went to the out door cinema we watched ‘Adventures in Zambesia’ it was about birds in a tree house there were taught to look after the tree house it is a really good movie.
By Yasi


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